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Latest news from The Drum

Deutsch appoints Madonna Deverson EVP of brand intelligence
Posted on Tuesday May 26, 2015

Deutsch North America has named Madonna Deverson, formerly of Ogilvy & Mather, to the newly created role of executive vice president of brand intelligence.

In her new role, Deverson will be responsible for simplifying the agency’s data, and transforming it into usable insights.

While she will co-report to both New York and Los Angeles’ chief strategy officers, Deverson will be based in LA.

"Information is everywhere and just like journalists, we need to absorb facts and ideas from many sources in order to tell compelling and culturally relevant stories," said Deverson.

"I'm really excited to be joining such an entrepreneurial, collaborative agency. They don't make excuses and are not afraid to put work into the world that will connect with and provoke people."

Previously she was senior partner and executive director of Intelligence Group at Ogilvy & Mather.

Brand of the Day: Charter Communications & 5 things to know about its plans for Time Warner
Posted on Tuesday May 26, 2015

Today we feature the Charter Communications. The cable provider has agreed to purchase Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable - a much larger rival - in a deal worth $78.7bn.

1) Who is Charter?

Charter Communications is currently the fourth largest cable provider in the US, following Time Warner, Comcast and Cox Communications. It services about 7 million customers in 29 states. It was born in St. Lois and is backed largely by billionaire and media mogul, John C. Malone.

2) Long-standing desire to acquire Time Warner

Charter has shown interest in purchasing Time Warner for many years. Its chief executive (CEO) Thomas Rutledge even went as far as to write an open letter to Time Warner’s CEO, Robert Marcus, saying: "I believe we have a significant opportunity to put our companies together in a way that will create maximum, long-term value for shareholders and employees of both companies."

3) Time Warner wants to be bought

Time Warner has been seeking acquisitions to help it navigate through the ever-changing telecoms landscape for years. Earlier this year, a seemingly-kismet merger with Comcast fell through after Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Tom Wheeler said the deal "would have posed an unacceptable risk to competition and innovation." Simply put, a Time Warner-Comcast deal would make the duo too much of a threat to other telecom providers.

4) What does this mean for the telecoms industry?

If the deal between Charter and Time Warner is finalized, it would bring Charter’s overall customer base to 24 million, still slightly less than Comcast’s 27 million. This would make Charter and Comcast the two biggest competitors in the industry.

5) Looking forward

The Charter-Time Warner duo, to be named New Charter, will still have to invest a sizable amount in its services to properly compete with Comcast. Still, Charter expects an annual cost savings of $800m. If the deal falls apart, Charter has promised Time Warner a ‘breakup fee’ of $2bn.

Westfield celebrates Shake Shack launch with bank holiday weekend pop-up events
Posted on Tuesday May 26, 2015

Westfield shopping centre in Stratford launched a number of Shake Shack branded events during the weekend to welcome the US burger joint to the neighbourhood.

A three-day takeover, coordinated by events agency Bigger, featured experiential activities, such as ‘Shake That’, a branded stage showcasing local music talent, ‘Say It and Spray It’, an interactive graffiti wall with infrared screens and ‘Shoot for Shack’, a basketball hoop shooting competition.

Westfield’s production team operated the event at the East London shopping centre which included a compere to talk to visitors about the performers and brand messages.

Myf Ryan, director of Westfield marketing UK & Europe, said: “By using key Westfield customer insights and working closely with Bigger throughout the event management process meant we have produced and delivered a successful launch campaign for Shake Shack with thousands of customers taking part in this exciting activity across the weekend.”

The push ran from Saturday 23 May to Monday 25 May.

Manchester City FC taps PZ Cussons as Official Club Partner in 3 year deal
Posted on Tuesday May 26, 2015

Manchester City FC have announced a three-year partnership with PZ Cussons to embed the club in the Nigeria market.

Appearing on PZ Cussons’ local brands Premier, Olympic and Robb, the consumer product group will help build the side’s profile in the region as a result of its ‘Official Partner’ status.

The region’s growing Manchester City FC fanbase will be propositioned with a number of experiences and prizes to get them closer to the club. VIP tickets and meet-and-greets will be made available to competition entrants in the coming months.

Omar Berrada, commercial director of City Football Marketing, which brokers Manchester City FC’s commercial partnerships, said: “We are very pleased to add PZ Cussons to our existing partnerships in Africa. Nigeria, and Africa more broadly, are extremely important markets, where our fan base is continuing to grow.

“We will continue to build a strong relationship with PZ Cussons and are looking forward to providing fantastic experiences for their customers and our fans.”

Tim Perman, group category and brand director of PZ Cussons PLC, added: “PZ Cussons is proud to be partnering with Manchester City FC in Nigeria. There is a great fit between our brands in terms of heritage, values and a desire to win.

“We look forward to delighting our consumers with unique experiences from brands that they trust and a sport that they love”. 

This comes as the rapidly expanding club is investing in creating more unique experiences for fans.

Back in February it became the first football team in the world to have launched a wearable technology companion app with ‘City Matchday Wear’ on Android.

Netflix unveils ‘Fear of Missing Out’ FOMOmeter to map UK regions’ favourite shows
Posted on Tuesday May 26, 2015

Netflix has released a social media platform capable of measuring major UK and Irish cities' favourite TV shows based on the tweets of their inhabitants.

The subscription-based video streaming company’s FOMOmeter (Fear of Missing Out) organises all the tweets about Netflix shows on a regional level to show the differing consumption habits of each city.

TV fans are encouraged to enter their tweets into the FOMOmeter by using the hashtag #NetflixUK, thus mapping the nation’s TV tastes.

Netflix states that Southampton is where most people tweet about Orange Is the New Black whereas Londoners are the most hooked on House of Cards.

In Glasgow, animated black comedy Bojack Horseman leads.

In London however, Blackfish, a documentary about a captive killer whale is the most discussed show at the moment.

Check out the FOMOmeter here.

Additionally, check out yesterday’s dissection of the video streaming company - 5 Ways Netflix plotted its media dominance and changed TV habits.

From Mad Men to Sad Men: Can Coca-Cola save happiness?
Posted on Tuesday May 26, 2015

Mad Man slips away to the perfect harmony of a bunch of reasonably stoned looking extras from Starsky and Hutch standing on the top of a hill singing about bringing a much divided and violent world (especially America) into harmony.

Whilst it looks dated now, 'I'd like to buy the world a Coke' was, and remains, a huge statement made in the context of the times it was born. And a fantastic reminder of just how important Coca-Cola's advertising work was. 

It's also one of the many reasons why Coke was (and still is, in my opinion) the biggest brand in the world. Apple may be bigger in numbers but there is no greater, , more democratic and visionary brand in the world. 

Open Happiness is without question in my mind the biggest brand platform on the planet. And when you look around the globe right now there has never been greater confusion about how happy we are.

Sure, we are mostly more wealthy, but apparently at the expense of recreating Victorian style poverty. We work much longer hours and are contactable 24 hours a day yet few can afford a house to live in. Technology is freeing us to explore new universes and connectivity, yet at the same time crushing the amount of attention we give to our loved ones and home life. Are we all really happy, or are we just being swept away by the ferocious speed of change? I'd love Coke to solve that question. 

Coke itself is not that happy right now and under pressure over questions about the health implications of its liquid. But if Coke stopped existing tomorrow there would be meltdown among its loyal drinkers, which number half the planet. It's a genuinely important brand and product 

The time is perfect for Coke to come out singing and dancing again. Every client and agency involved in Coke has a chance to do something truly remarkable over the next few years.  Putting names on cans was brilliant  but it can go much much further in the pursuit of making Happiness resonate. 

Coke shouldn't just badge happiness but lead and help define it. Have a big point of view on it. After all, the data suggests very few governments are that bothered. Get back up that hill (although probably change up the clothing).

If Coke defined the post-Mad Man era, it can now define the post Sad Man era. And in there is the perfect opportunity. 

Matthew Charlton is CEO of Brothers and Sisters. He tweets @MJCharltonesq

Diageo taps thermal activation for Pimm's summer campaign
Posted on Tuesday May 26, 2015

Diageo has launched a digital out-of-home (OOH) campaign for its Pimm’s brand which activates once the weather reaches 21 degrees.

Planned by Carat and Posterscope, the weather-activated campaign runs across a combination of 12 of Ocean Outdoor's premium screens in London and Birmingham, Thursdays to Sundays during peak commuter periods.

Using scheduling and formatting data generated by LivePoster, the creative is triggered according climate fluctutations. The ad shows a Pimm’s bottle and a jug of the fruit cocktail, the 'Best Served with Sunglasses' campain broadcasts local temperatures within the vicinity of each OOH site (including variations either side of 21 degrees).

Joanna Segesser, senior brand manager for Pimm’s at Diageo said: "Consumer research has shown us that our media is not only more effective but also more efficient if it is linked to sunny weather.

“We are therefore really excited that for the first time digital out of home technology is allowing us to target consumers at just the right temperature when we know they are most responsive to our messaging.” 

The Pimm’s campaign runs for 10 days.

EBay predicts wellies and waterproof sales surge as festival season nears
Posted on Tuesday May 26, 2015

EBay is predicting a sizeable surge in searches for waterproof wear as music fans get ready for (the probably wet) UK festival season.

A year ago this week, the e-commerce giant recorded, a 40 per cent surge in demand for wellies and almost a quarter increase in those enquiring after ‘waterproof’ products as shoppers look to invest in the goods which will keep them dry.

Furthermore, in the final days before Glastonbury last year, searches for “festival” peaked.

Phuong Nguyen, director of eBay Advertising in the UK, said: “Although brands don’t have huge sporting events such as the World Cup, the Commonwealth Games or the Olympics to use as points of engagement this year, summer 2015 still holds huge potential for smart marketers.

“By tapping into peaks in consumer interest in festivals and using observed insight to react to unpredictable factors such as the weather, brands can stay relevant and offer consumers what they need and what they want this summer.”

Pauline Robson, director of MediaCom Real World Insight, added: "Online advertising allows marketers to target at scale but with great precision, which means that brands can reach the huge audiences that head out to festivals without pigeon-holing by demographic.”

“As a result, they can capture different waves of consumer interest with impactful, engaging formats and get the best possible return on their investment.” 

The firm noted that last minute weather forecasts also greatly affect the volume of 11th hour festival purchases.

'Magazine media must act as a bridge between audience and sector'; report from the PPA Festival Editor's Panel
Posted on Tuesday May 26, 2015

A panel of media experts discussed the changing role of the editor during a panel at last week's PPA Festival, which offered insights and advice on the use of video, the effects that the change in a commercial strategy can have in publication's outlook, engagement strategies and the pressures the role entails.

Presented by Heat editor, Lucie Cave, the panel was made up of Sam Barcroft, founder and chief executive of video producer, Barcroft Media, Chris Hewitt, news editor of Empire, Caroline McGinn, editor and chief of Time Out London, Mimi Turner, marketing director of The LAD Bible publisher, 65twenty. 

Sky 1 gamifies Vine to promote Critical hospital drama
Posted on Tuesday May 26, 2015

Sky 1 has created a number of Vine games to promote new hospital drama ‘Critical’.

Marking the first time the broadcaster has gamified Vine, social media agency Social Life used the platform to highlight characters from the show.

Sky is urging web users to share screenshots of their gaming successes on social channels. The first two engagements are available below.



Tae Mawson, senior digital producer for digital entertainment and marketing at Sky, said: “Engagement of fans has been high – it’s a neat way of tapping into people’s enjoyment of the show and a fun, addictive draw for those who’ve not yet seen Critical . 

“Social media is always a trickier proposition with drama because viewers want to watch events unfold, but it’s still integral and a means of taking watercooler moments to the audience.”

Social Life was appointed to run social media activity for the series mid-season.