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Latest news from The Drum

Canadians will spend about an hour more with media this year compared to 2011, according to eMarketer
Posted on Thursday May 28, 2015

Adults in Canada will spend 71 more minutes with major media each day than they did in 2011, according to the latest research from market research company eMarketer.

The firm stated that the increase comes from greater digital choice, particularly the use of smartphones and tablets.

Each day, Canadians will spend an average of nine hours and 43 minutes with media including digital, TV, radio and print. About four hours of that time will be spent with digital devices.

Paul Briggs, analyst at eMarketer, said: Mobile devices have created an appetite for more media consumption and better media content. While digital media is taking some time away from traditional channels, we've seen a significant increase in overall time spent, which is found media time for marketers."

The research was conducted by analyzing more than 200 data points from more than 20 sources, which included online surveys, in-person interviews and phone surveys. Figures also include all time spent with each medium regardless of multitasking, meaning an hour spent watching TV while using a smartphone would count as an hour for each.

Nebraska bans death penalty, Twitter reacts
Posted on Thursday May 28, 2015

The State of Nebraska has officially banned the death penalty after defying a veto by its Republican governor, Pete Ricketts.

This marks the first time a conservative state has abolished the death penalty in four decades.

Spectators at the capital broke into celebration after the 30-19 vote was cast, disregarding party lines.

Those Americans who weren’t in the courtroom took to Twitter to discuss the decision. At the time of publication, social media reactions to the vote were overwhelmingly positive.












It is unclear whether other red states will follow in Nebraska's footsteps, but the vote does follow a recent trend of right and left wingists agreeing on criminal justice issues.

Food & Wine unveils its emoji keyboard for foodies
Posted on Thursday May 28, 2015

Time Inc.’s Food & Wine has rolled out an emoji keyboard that includes a burger, taco and even a cronut.

The keyboard features more than 25 emojis, GIFs, and stickers that the company says reflects “the biggest food obsessions of the moment.”

Emojis also include chefs and trendy restaurant dishes, such as the live-ant-covered shrimp at Copenhagen’s Noma.

Dana Cowin, Food & Wine editor in chief, said: “We wanted to create a whole new world of possibilities that let our fans talk to each other in the language that means the most to them: food. We will be able to constantly update the keyboard with new chefs, restaurant dishes, trends and seasonal characters to make sure we’re giving users everything they need to make sharing fun.”

The company’s keyboard was developed by Snaps, which has worked with other companies including Burger King and Trolli to make customized emojis.

Comedy Central announces date for Trevor Noah’s Daily Show debut
Posted on Thursday May 28, 2015

Comedy Central has chosen 28 September as the day when Trevor Noah will officially take over The Daily Show.

The announcement was made via Twitter, accompanied by a short clip of Noah settling into the new set (above).



The 31-year-old South African comedian was announced as the new host in March after being hired as a correspondent in December.

Just a day after the initial announcement however, he felt the full-force of public criticism over old tweets that some found offensive.

He responded with a tweet and his new employer stood by him, saying, “Like many comedians, Trevor Noah pushes boundaries; he is provocative and spares no one, himself included."



The show’s previous host, Jon Stewart, is set to bow out on 6 August.

Uber updates app to accommodate deaf drivers in response to allegations it turned away blind riders
Posted on Thursday May 28, 2015

Uber has updated its app to better accommodate its deaf driving partners.

While the effort is valiant, it is also conveniently-timed, as Uber was accused of turning away blind customers and contradicting the Americans with Disabilities Act last month.

The updated driver app signals driver requests with a light instead of sound and doesn’t give the rider the option to call the driver. It also prompts riders to enter addresses into their phones, informing them that the driver is hard-of-hearing.

“These updates incorporate suggestions and feedback from our partners as well as the National Association of the Deaf, the nation’s leading non-profit advocating for economic empowerment for deaf and hard-of-hearing people,” Uber wrote in a blogpost.

The update is currently available in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

Amazon to offer free one-day shipping to Prime customers spending more than $35
Posted on Thursday May 28, 2015

Amazon Prime will soon offer free one-day shipping to customers who spend more than $35 on an order.

Speaking to Reuters, head of Prime, Greg Greeley, said that same-day delivery will soon be available in San Diego and Tampa Bay.

"We know same-day delivery volumes will grow dramatically now that we are making it free," he said.

Prime has been the backbone of the online marketplace. It was first launched 10 years ago, offering free two-day shipping. However, sign-ups increased by 50 per cent last year, driven by the one-day shipping option.

Amazon Prime one-day is already available in New York, Seattle, Atlanta, San Francisco, Boston, and Philadelphia. Its reach is expected to grow.

BoyleSports offers odds on Channel 5's Big Brother UK getting the chop
Posted on Thursday May 28, 2015

BoyleSports is offering odds on the canning of reality TV show veteran Big Brother UK after the show announced it will be evicting four housemates on Friday.

The bookmaker states that the Channel 5 show has suffered from decreasing viewing figures and as a result is offering odds of 8/1 that it will be “swiftly cancelled” following the conclusion of this season.

Aoife Heffron, PR executive at BoyleSports, said: “The ratings have been dropping drastically and even as producers scramble to pull dramatic twists in a last ditch attempt to boost them, it may not be enough and looks like our beloved Big Brother could be pulled from our screens next year at 7/4.”

“It’s a Big Brother first to have four housemates evicted at the one time and as Jack used his immunity pass to save himself it means only two can be saved, punters have been steering well clear of Danny and Sarah to be evicted leading us to believe they will live to flirt  another day.”

This comes after Viacom brought into doubt Big Brother’s future with company chief Phillipe Daumann last October stating that ‘no show is popular forever’.

Shoe brand Sanuk turns to Jimmy Kimmel show to help push brand message
Posted on Thursday May 28, 2015

Footwear brand Sanuk promoted its ‘never uncomfortable’ shoes on Jimmy Kimmel Live! earlier this week with a comedic stunt featuring Kimmel’s ‘Cousin Sal.’

The brand feature was the company’s attempt to appeal to consumers in a more organic and humorous way instead of relying on a traditional TV spot.

The promotion featured Cousin Sal grabbing people off the street and asking them to try on Sanuk shoes before standing in a ‘Circle of Comfort.’

Guests were then bombarded with uncomfortable situations, such as having a stranger spoon them or having someone breathe onion breath in their face. The overall message was that no matter how uncomfortable a situation, Sanuk shoes will always keep you comfortable.

Orchestrated in partnership with agency Ignited, the campaign was meant to help the shoe brand reach a wider audience that goes beyond its core California surfer base.

Eric Springer, chief creative officer at Ignited, told The Drum: “The idea behind ‘Circle of Comfort’ is to make the uncomfortable comfortable because you are wearing Sanuks. We thought who better to make people uncomfortable than Jimmy Kimmel’s Cousin Sal. We worked with writers from the show to make the integration authentic to the brand and to the show. We wanted the integration to feel like natural content from the show.”

He added that they “made a shoestring budget spend feel like a $2m media buy.”

Earlier this month, Sanuk rolled out a global campaign called ‘Always Sanuk’ that leverages platforms including Pandora and Spotify and includes on-site activations at Wanderlust Festivals, the Portland Boulder Rally, and others.

Snapchat wants to be the future of distribution for TV
Posted on Thursday May 28, 2015

Snapchat wants to be the future of distribution for premium TV content. They are currently working with eleven media companies for Discover, including CNN, Food Network, Comedy Central and ESPN . They're also hiring journalists to cover the election and have editors who decide what makes it into a city's daily Story.

Bloomberg's Brad Stone and Sarah Frier recently released their cover story with Snapchat CEO and Cofounder Evan Spiegel. The detailed and rare interview paints a picture of a smart, confident and direct 24-year old who has built a company with over 300 employees, 100 million users and a valuation of over $15 billion. 

The piece reveals not only how much Spiegel cares about advertising, TV's billion dollar best friend (he even recently went sales pitches in LA, New York in London and presented himself) but reaffirms his devotion to editorially driven content with brands. Unlike Google, Facebook and others he explained that, "I really haven’t seen data deliver the results that I’ve seen a great editor deliver."

His belief on editorialized content with brands and the fact that he says there will never be ads in private one-to-one messages paints Snapchat as a company that looks and acts like a TV network of the future. Bloomberg's piece quotes Chamath Palihapitiya an investor (not in Snapchat) who used to be at Facebook and said, "at worst, they are the next-generation MTV. At best, they are the next-generation Viacom.” 

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Stiliyan Petrov Foundation invites social media users to show their 'Bigger Picture’ moments to celebrate the ‘little things’
Posted on Thursday May 28, 2015

The Stiliyan Petrov Foundation, founded by the ex-Celtic and Aston Villa captain of the same name, is asking social media users to share the 'little things' they take for granted as part of a 30-day push to raise £100,000 for charity.

‘The Bigger Picture’ campaign looks to raise funds for lifesaving Leukaemia research, improved patient medical care and support for families at three primary organisations fighting cancer on different frontiers, the University Hospital Birmingham, University College London and the Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Leukaemia survivor Petrov's 30-day campaign enables donors to share a picture with the crowdfunded website via social media or email, to outline a special moment from their life.

Petrov said: “I’ve come to understand and appreciate the way in which this disease impacts the lives of so many. It can become a very costly process for families as they require travel, accommodation, and of course the cost of medical care.

“I can help, and I want to help set up a foundation and we can address the issues involved when people are diagnosed with this illness.”

To share a moment or make a donation to the foundation, hit the link.