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Latest news from The Drum

TBWA’s Matt Ian lured by Droga5 ‘pedigree’ to take up group creative director post
Posted on Friday July 03, 2015

Droga5 has hired TBWA\Chiat\Day’s former ECD Matt Ian as group creative director.

Ian has spent the past two years at TBWA as executive creative director, but was lured by Droga5’s “strong creative pedigree and diversity of client experience.”

“Overall, the agency has produced some of the most influential work in the business, and if you can't beat em, join ‘em,” he said.

Droga5 New York won 25 Cannes Lions at the festival last week, including a Cyber Grand Prix for Under Armour’s ‘I Will What I Want’ campaign.

The agency was also named this year’s Independent Agency of the Year at both the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and the North American Effies.

“Over the past year, Droga5 has experienced exponential growth. We are always looking to add great talent to the team to continue this momentum,” said Droga5’s chief creative officer, Ted Royer. “We are thrilled to welcome Matt to the agency and look forward to seeing him in action.”

Ian is slated to join the agency in August.

MasterCard pioneers selfie password payment technology
Posted on Friday July 03, 2015

MasterCard is seeking to bring the era of ubiquitous passwords to a close by putting its weight behind a new system of image recognition which can identify account holders by instructing them to take a selfie.

The pilot project will see 500 customers log-in by taking a selfie from their phone rather than keying in an alpha-numeric code, this image is then sent over the web for comparison against a stock image of the card holder which is held on file.

Speaking to CNN Money MasterCard executive Ajay Bhalla said: "We want to identify people for who they are, not what they remember.

"We have too many passwords to remember and this creates extra problems for consumers and businesses. The new generation, which is into selfies ... I think they'll find it cool. They'll embrace it."

Customers wishing to avail themselves of the new technology must first download the MasterCard smartphone app with the payment provider also offering people the chance to log-in via fingerprint recognition technology on compatible phones.

60% of female marketers have experienced sexism in the workplace according to The Drum's Women in Marketing research
Posted on Friday July 03, 2015

Over half of female marketers (59 per cent) say that they have experienced sexism in the workplace according to research conducted by The Drum.

The research, which received 500 respondents from both the UK and US, found that although over half had experience sexism in their careers, 86 per cent were also happy with their jobs.

It was also discovereded that women were still struggling to gain the same opportunities that were being opened up to their male counterparts, however almost two thirds (65 per cent) said that they were satisfied with their current salary.

Diane Young, managing director of The Drum, explained why the research was carried out: “We are committed to celebrating the contribution of women across all parts of the marketing industry. It’s therefore important, to us, to conduct this study to highlight the experiences of women working in marketing and identify the challenges that they are facing so that, as an industry, they can be addressed.”

Also discovered was that 46 per cent of female marketers worked between 41-50 hours a week and over a third (33 per cent) felt stress most of the time. Over three quarters (77 per cent) were also found not to be involved in any women’s industry organisation or mentoring initiative. 

One Two Four becomes The Moment to bridge the gap between storytelling and strategy
Posted on Friday July 03, 2015

Content marketing agency One Two Four has rebranded to become The Moment to stand apart from its peers with the promise of helping brands understand content from the perspective of the entire end-to-end customer journey.

The refreshed agency aims consist of more than 120 members spanning offices in London, Plymouth, Philadelphia, Manchester, Southampton and Abu Dhabi. Backed by private equity firm LDC, The Moment hopes to establish a global content business eyeing further international growth in 2016.

The strategy is led by the recent appointments of chief strategy officer Sandra Peat, and group development director Matthew Robinson as well several other hires. The team will work with advertisers to understand and integrate distribution channels right from the outset of campaigns, including it as part of the creative briefing and process. Clients will be promised content strategies built on strong ties to media partners that are geared to meet the brand and business needs.

These efforts are backed by The Moment’s centre of excellence in Southampton that is using digital learning and technology to educate its staff. Elsewhere, the agency’s team will also employ the Accelerator Test, a research tool that marries behavioural data with audience insight to gauge the impact of content of band associations and attitudes that stimulate real behaviour.

Other agencies claim similar offerings but The Moment believes its own mix behavioural data with audience research is a powerful combination that provides real insight into why content works.

“Planning content to move audiences along the Customer journey to purchase (and beyond) is central to our work,” said Mark Hawkins, chief executive of The Moment. For every new client, the agency does an audit to understand how their current content is meeting their audience needs as they move along their journey. This helps us to understand the broader content play for a brand - to identify where content is working and where there are gaps.

“We build our content strategies off the Audience Journey, which we believe is the most effective foundation for a plan. Journeys should be based on audience insight, ensuring that any content solutions are based on solving a real audience need. It also contextualises content solutions within the journey to purchase, providing a clear criteria for measuring the success of content.”

The launch of The Moment comes amid a growing tide of advertisers searching for alternative content strategies. Marketers acknowledge the importance of a robust content plan but are not yet skilled enough to do build one themselves, which has made them increasingly willing to look outward for advice. In March, Mondelez announced that it would sign a deal later in the year with media platform Zefr that would make it better at crafting content that not only sells its products but also makes money.

What Facebook’s YouTube-style ad revenue split means for video marketers
Posted on Friday July 03, 2015

Facebook is finally introducing a way for video creators to earn ad revenue, adopting YouTube’s revenue sharing percentage in a move that smart marketers could look to exploit by testing the platforms contrasting user behaviours in parallel.

When a Facebook user goes to watch a video later this year they will be taken to a Suggested Video feed that show recommendations with branded videos wedged between them, much like TV ads. Similar to YouTube, Facebook will keep 45 per cent of the revenue these videos make and give the rest to their creator.

According to Variety, the amount of time people watch the video will factor into the size of the pot that’s split. It is not yet clear whether this means people will have to watch the full ad to ensure advertisers receive the maximum money.

While a test (for now), the move could close the gap on Google and ultimately give brands more opportunities and flexibility in activating video based content campaigns. However, is it also the catalyst for a game changing innovation from YouTube. Rather than be backed into one camp just yet, smart marketers will start testing Facebook and YouTube video in parallel and either optimise investment levels live to the better performing platform or make a final strategic decision between the two as a central part of their post campaigns analysis. 

Daily videos on Facebeook went from one billion in September to four billion in April and eMarketer estimates that US adults will spend 6.4 per cent of their time per day there. And yet consuming video on Facebook is still arguably a passive behaviour with people not necessarily having watched a post because it appeared in their feed. For YouTube, it’s an active process because people normally visit and search for specific content.

Paolo Nieddu, managing partner of content at AnalogFolk London, said the more “astute brands and agencies” will consider the contrasting ’Seek (YouTube) versus Serve (Facebook)’ user behaviours on the two platforms and how they can “actually be harnessed to complement each other as part of the same campaign”.

“If executed correctly Facebook could act as a mass reach and /or laser targeted discovery tactic to drive awareness of long-form content campaigns on YouTube for example,” she continued. “In addition, let’s not forget the usage behaviours that straddle the real world too. We’ve all been in the ‘I’ve got to show you this video’ moment in the pub with friends. The natural inclination is to search for said video on your smartphone via YouTube, an inherent behaviour I don’t believe Facebook will be able to affect (yet).”

It remains to be seen whether Facebook’s Suggested Videos will be profitable for its early adopters like the NBA and Fox Sports. In a worst case scenario those advertisers will get further branding for themselves and best case they will get more money as daily video views grow.

If the potential for making money isn’t as good as YouTube, then Facebook may not be able to take YouTube as the dominant video platform. By adopting YouTube’s revenue split from the outset, Facebook isn’t just assuming that marketers are going to switch in their droves because of its mass reach and realises it needs to offer decent return on investment or the switch from YouTube will stutter.

Jed Hallam, head of digital strategy at Mindshare said: “The battle for video viewing is certainly heating up, with Twitter announcing better viewability standards, YouTube/Google denouncing its competitors, and now Facebook offering revshare with original content creators. From a Facebook perspective, this is another brick in the wall of its burgeoning media empire, as it begins to cement itself as a destination for original content (‘Facebook-first’ native publishing deals with a number of high profile publishers). From a media perspective we’ll be watching this closely, as ever, the formats might be exciting, and the concept might be interesting, but we’ll need to see consumers thinking that way too.” 

Facebook has turned up the heat in its battle for video budgets with Google. For advertisers, it is a chance to gain valuable insight into the next stage of video monetisation on both platforms as they try to understand how best to plan their media buys.

D&AD New Blood winners announced featuring briefs from Nationwide, Facebook and Pantone
Posted on Thursday July 02, 2015

D&AD has revealed the winners of the New Blood Awards 2015, featuring real briefs set by clients including Airbnb, Facebook, Nationwide and Pantone. 

This year 41 young creatives were the recipients of a Yellow Pencil, with three receiving D&AD's highest accolade, a Black Pencil. Four White Pencils, given for projects aimed at making a positive difference to society, were also awarded.

In line with the Professional Awards, ‘In Book’ status was marked with a Wood Pencil, while projects ‘nominated’ (but not quite making) a Yellow Pencil were recognised with Graphite. 

Take a look at some of the winning work below. 

Black pencil winners

Nationwide – How It Should Be
Greg Ormrod, Thomas Worthington from the School of Communication Arts 2.0

Pantone – Project Monsoon
Nu Ri Kim, Seunghoon Shin, Yoonshin Kim from School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

WeTransfer – When I’m a Dad
Tom Watkins from University of Lincoln

Other winners at the awards included WWF – Endangered Soles by Frazer Price, John Trainor and Teddy Souter from School of Communication Arts 2.0 who scooped a White Pencil, and PantoneColourful Accents by Hilda Cortei at the Arts University Bournemouth who also picked up a White Pencil. 

Mark Bonner, D&AD President, commented, “The New Blood Awards offer an unparalleled opportunity for young creative people to shine. The list of winners is a curated resource for employers to cherry pick the hottest talent just as they’re graduating. D&AD’s mission is to ensure that the creative industry continues to enjoy rude health, both in the UK and around the world, and the New Blood programme is a vital pillar in our efforts to support talent at a grassroots level.”

Entry to the awards is open to anyone in full or part-time education, recent graduates who finished their course within the past two years and anyone 23 or under. 



Finally Monopoly 'Passes Go' and heads for the big screen
Posted on Thursday July 02, 2015

Monopoly the famous board game played  by a billion fans is finally headed for the big screen. Film company Lionsgate and games giant Hasbro are teaming up to make the Monopoly movie.  Andrew  Niccol (“The Truman Show”) will  write the screenplay, says Variety.

Lionsgate and Hasbro Allspark Pictures will produce the film and Lionsgate will finance it.  The story is about   a boy from one of the game’s modest streets who is on a quest  to make a fortune.

“Hasbro is a partner with incredible global reach, one of the most compelling brand portfolios in the world, and a signature brand in Monopoly that has multigenerational appeal,” said Lionsgate Motion Picture Group co-president Erik Feig.

“Andrew Niccol is the ultimate world creator responsible for such disparate and imaginative films as ‘The Truman Show,’ ‘Gattaca’ and ‘The Terminal,'” said Feig. 

“He is an inspired choice to develop this timeless property into a big, crowd-pleasing event film that will appeal to kids, families and anyone who has ever played the Monopoly game.”

The companies say Monopoly has been played by more than 1 billion people in 114 countries around the world and has been translated into 47 different languages. The original game was released in 1903.

Hasbro’s Allspark is currently finishing off   “Jem and the Holograms” and “Ouija 2” as a sequel to last year’s low-budget horror film.

Hasbro has been attempting to launch a Monopoly movie since 2009. In  2013 one with 2013 with Ridley Scott  as a producer was planned but it never got there.

The game was originally called “The Landlord’s Game.” Parker Brothers began selling a variation of the original game in 1935, based on streets in Atlantic City, N.J., such as Baltic Avenue, Kentucky Avenue, Park Place and Boardwalk.

Lionsgate is noted for  young adult franchises such as “The Hunger Games” and “Divergent.” The studio is developing a family-friendly franchise in “Power Rangers” with Saban, with a release set for Jan. 13, 2017.


Google Play releases latest installment of 'California Inspires Me' series featuring Reggie Watts
Posted on Thursday July 02, 2015

Google Play has unveiled the latest installment of its animated video interview series, ‘California Inspires Me’.

Part of an ongoing partnership with Pop-Up Magazine’s publication California Sunday, the series celebrates how the state of California has shaped and influenced the careers of successful artists.

For the July issue musician, comedian, performer and self-proclaimed ‘weirdo’ Reggie Watts has been interview and in his video piece he discusses blowing up model airplanes, how he prepares (or doesn’t) to go on stage and the health benefits of life on the West Coast.

The video was created by BBH LA with animation by Drew Tyndell Watts.

Mondelez pours £10m in to Ritz campaign as it looks to own crisp category
Posted on Thursday July 02, 2015

Mondelez has invested £10m in a new campaign for its Ritz cracker brand as the FMCG giant looks to gain a foothold in the crisp market. 

A TV ad, created by Mother, will look to raise awareness of the new Ritz Crisp & Thin product and is based around the theme 'Putting on the Ritz' with the idea that eating the everyday snack will add a bit of 'ritziness' to your life. 

The ad debuts tomorrow evening (3 July) on ITV and will then be broadcast across a range of terrestrial and digital channels UK and Ireland wide. 

A marketing push will follow the TV ad over the next seven months and will appear across OOH, digital, sampling, in-store activity and PR. 

The OOH, also created by Mother will showcase moving imagery of Ritz Crisp & Thin being poured into a bowl, which Mondelez is hoping will trigger the thought that the product is a crisp alternative. 

To drive further uplift a remake of the soundtrack ‘Puttin’ on the Ritz’ by Irving Berlin features in the TV spot and will be released on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. 

The launch comes as Mondeléz looks to build its presence in the lucrative crisp market where it curently has a limited foothold. Savoury baked snacks represents huge growth potential for Mondeléz in the UK; the FMCG company says the savoury snacking market is worth in excess of £3bn. The UK is Europe’s biggest crisp and snacks market, worth £2.2bn with 100 packets of crisps eaten per person per year. 

Scottish Rugby appoints Amigo to create website for Scotland’s Rugby World Cup campaign
Posted on Thursday July 02, 2015

Scottish Rugby has chosen digital agency Amigo to design and build a dedicated website for Scotland’s 2015 Rugby World Cup campaign.

The online portal will combine live updates, such as breaking news and social feeds, with match-day information and Scottish Rugby content including behind the scenes footage and insights from the players within the squad.

Matt Horler, head of media at Scottish Rugby, said the site will give it “a highly dynamic content publishing platform to keep Scotland’s fans up to date with all the latest news as it happens in the coming months".

He highlighted the importance of Scottish Rugby’s strong track record in social media which resulted in them wanting to “create an accessible and innovative space to give our fans a one-stop-shop for all the forthcoming matches and events the team will be involved in”.

The site has already launched and features an autoplay video at the header of the site as well as a number of sections including one for ticket sales which enables fans to buy tickets for Scotland’s next home game against Italy on 29 August.