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Latest news from The Drum

Burt Shavitz of Burt’s Bees dies at 80
Posted on Monday July 06, 2015

Burt Shavitz, the co-founder and namesake of natural skin care product company Burt’s Bees, died on Sunday 5 July in Bangor, Maine. He was 80 years old.

In a statement, the company said he will be remembered as a “wild-bearded and free-spirited Maine man” and that “above all, Burt was always Burt – an uncompromising individual of his own invention – shaped by the moment and his curiosities rather than his ambitions or someone else’s grand plan.”

The company was started in 1984 after beekeeper Shavitz picked up hitch hiker and artist Roxanne Quimby. The two hit it off and Quimby began making candles with the unused wax from his beehives.

At their first craft fair, they made $200. Within a year, they had made $20,000. In 1991 Quimby began making the company’s iconic Burt’s Bees beeswax lip balm, which is still its best-selling product.

By 2006, the company’s natural products were being sold in drugstores and in Target.

Burt’s Bees was bought by Clorox in 2007.

Ballantine's furthers 'Stay True' mantra through collaboration with photographer Benjamin Von Wong
Posted on Monday July 06, 2015

Ballantine’s has released the fourth instalment in its series of collaborations with unique talent from around the world who define the brand’s ‘Stay True’ mantra.

Filmed in late May, the project saw Ballentine’s production company Archer’s Mark and hyper-real photographer Benjamin Von Wong journey to Tulum, Mexico to capture a single, seemingly impossible, underwater image inspired by the natural phenomena of the Angelita Cenote and Wong’s Chinese heritage.

One month of intensive planning and research across three continents went into the film with Archer’s Mark bringing together some of the world’s most experienced divers, set builders and underwater film makers.

“The resulting footage is so epic and beautiful that it really does belie quite how challenging the shoot was. Logistically we chose to approach the ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ sequences as separate entities, each with their own crews,” explained director Will Williamson of Archer’s Mark.

“It quickly became apparent that shooting something underwater would give us the potential to set ourselves some particularly special challenges – and plenty came up along the way. Once on set we knew that the idea we had proposed would blow people’s minds if only we could pull it off. The two main challenges became building the set as we had envisioned it and ensuring the safety of every single crew-member throughout. Without doubt the most enjoyable aspect of telling this story was the privilege of being able to explore one of the richest environments on the planet with the help of some of the most ingenious professionals I have ever encountered.”

Wong added: “For me, the process and immense challenges of creating images that make people question ‘how?’ and ‘why?’ is almost important as the image itself – I want to people to be inspired and to question what they’re seeing. Being given the chance to even attempt something so crazy and working with such talented people to make it happen, was truly humbling.”

Ballantine’s global brand director, Peter Moore, said: “From the first conversation we had with Benjamin, it was clear that this was going to be a truly special collaboration, particularly as he embodied exactly what it means to ‘Stay True’ to yourself, your passions and your heritage…we hope that it will excite and inspire viewers around the world.”

Previous Ballantine’s collaborations include British GIF-iti artist INSA and Africa’s leading DJ and producer, Black Coffee.

Misguided FA tweet welcomes England women's World Cup team back 'to being mothers, partners and daughters'
Posted on Monday July 06, 2015

A single tweet from the Football Association following the England women's team embarking on the nation’s most successful World Cup campaigns since the 1966 win has riled social media users.

A tweet from @England, the FA’s official account, stated that after the campaign, the players could go back to "being mothers, partners and daughters".

The social media reaction was mostly negative – before the post was removed from the FA website and Twitter with some stating that such a comment would not have been attributed to the men's team.


James Callow, who wrote the FA piece the comment was taken from, denied accusations of sexism, adding that "human interest is a big part of any sport reporting".

He concluded he would have given the men’s team the same coverage.

The incident goes to show how quickly a single tweet can quickly spiral out of control. The FA unceremoniously deleted the tweet 45 minutes after posting it.

Disney signs up Little Dish for lunchtime sponsorship deal
Posted on Monday July 06, 2015

Disney has partnered with Little Dish in a deal that will see the children's food brand sponsor lunchtime slots on Disney Junior over the summer holidays. 

As part of the TV and online deal Little Dish's brand characters - or the 'Zoo Crew' - have been animated for four 10-second idents that will air on weekdays. 

Little Dish is also set to run a sampling campaign in Asda, Waitrose and Tesco supermarkets across the South East of England throughout July and August. Families will be invited inside a pop-up farmhouse kitchen to try four of Little Dish’s most popular toddler meals. 

Charlotte Tisdall, Little Dish marketing director, explained: “Little Dish fans are very fond of our zoo crew and they’re a great way to interest little ones in healthy eating – we’re really excited to bring them to life for the first time as we send them on little adventures hunting for healthy ingredients.”

The partnership with Disney also includes a competition offering families the chance to win a glamping getaway and a year’s supply of Little Dish meals. Also, 30-second ads will promote the competition and direct families to a dedicated microsite to enter.


TopCashback rebrands to reflect change in audience
Posted on Monday July 06, 2015

Cashback and voucher website TopCashBack has under gone a rebrand in a bid to better reflect its changing online audience and growing popularity. 

A new hummingbird logo has been introduced in pink and green shades with TopCashBack's text in a similar deep green. The design replaces the animated pound sign.

Created by Thompson Brand Partners, the new look aims to capture TopCashBack's core brand values which include bringing consumers greater deals, remaining agile and showing leadership in the field. The rebrand also takes into account how its audience is expanding beyond technology fans into a much broader range of online shoppers with an even split of males and females. 

TopCashback chief executive Oliver Ragg, said: “We set out to create a meaningful global brand identity that encourages all members and staff to share our story with one powerful voice.

"We chose the hummingbird as it symbolises great determination, agility, flexibility and most of all works hard to get to the sweetest treats.”

The website has grown significantly over recent years to over 4.5m members. 

‘Blushing bookie’ Paddy Power pays out early on Greek referendum Yes… Greece then votes No
Posted on Monday July 06, 2015

Paddy Power has been served “a dollop of humble pie for breakfast” after incorrectly paying out Yes bets on the Greek referendum before the results were even announced.

On the back of the nation choosing to reject EU austerity and its latest loan terms with 61 per cent voting No, Paddy went in with weighted money from bets and internal data backed the wrong horse in Yes which cost it a five-figure sum.

A Paddy Power spokesman told The Drum that it got a little “over excited” and was looking to continue its good record of paying out referendum and election results early, most notably nailing the results of the Scottish referendum and the Conservative Party’s latest majority before they were called.

He added that the bookmaker felt it was a “sensible call” and that projections had the likelihood of a Yes vote at 80 per cent.

The firm’s last high profile blunder was in 2009 when it paid out on a Tiger Woods PGA Championship after just two rounds - only to see Y.E. Yang sneak up the rear, snag the title and cost Paddy Power around £1.25m.

Alzheimer’s Society pushes Memory Walk fundraiser in latest campaign
Posted on Monday July 06, 2015

The Alzheimer’s Society is aiming to raise awareness of its largest annual event the Memory Walk in a new integrated campaign that launched today (6 July).

Created by digital and direct marketing agency LIDA, the campaign will run across TV, radio, OOH and digital, specifically targeting women aged 35-64 to sign up for the walk.

The £3.3m push is centred around the TV ad, with copy co-written by the granddaughter of the couple who feature in it. It shows a woman suffering from dementia, making an appeal to the public to sign up for Memory Walk to help her husband who has supported her throughout the disease.

Jon Bodenham, director of fundraising at Alzheimer’s Society, said: “This year, we’re hoping to attract more walkers and raise more money than ever before and we believe the Memory Walk campaign will be an important tool to reach out and inspire people to participate.”

Building on the TV ad, LIDA also created a series of OOH executions focusing on the same couple. For example, one of the prints ‘walk for my wife’ features an old black and white photograph of the young couple, this time with words written by the husband to his wife.

The media strategy and activation for the campaign has been handled by M2M.

Foul-mouthed kids swear it up in Smart road rage ad
Posted on Monday July 06, 2015

Smart has released a contrived ad making the point that bad cars cause road rage which sees children picking up on the foul-mouthed exposition of enraged drivers.

In a no holds barred video released on YouTube earlier this month, Smart unleashed young kids cussing and swearing on to the big screen. The 45 second slot, which features more than enough f-bombs, sees a kid faced with the question “who taught you to say that?”

He answers: “You.”

The proposition is that a Smart car is small, and easy to park, which will theoretically cut down on dirty language.

Smart car owners, is there any f***ing truth in this?

Press regulator upholds complaint against The Daily Telegraph for leaked Sturgeon memo
Posted on Monday July 06, 2015

The Independent Press Standards Organisation (ISPO) has upheld a complaint against the Daily Telegraph over the story about a leaked government memo involving first minister Nicola Sturgeon.

The story, which claimed that the Scottish first minister secretly wanted David Cameron to be re-elected in the general election, was ruled to be “significantly misleading” by the press regulator.

The Daily Telegraph has been ordered to publish an adjudication on page two, with a front page reference as well as online publication.

The complaint to the ISPO claimed that the newspaper had breached Clause 1 (Accuracy) of the Editors’ Code after publishing an article on 4 April based on the leaked memo without contact Ms Sturgeon for comment.

Matt Tee, chief executive of the IPSO criticised the newspaper for failing to “take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information”.

He said the article was “significantly misleading because the newspaper had failed to make clear that it did not know whether the account the memorandum presented was true” and ordered the correction.

Following the decision Nicola Sturgeon said she welcomed the “unequivocal verdict by IPSO on the Daily Telegraph's story, which is a victory for effective regulation of the press - and for the truth".

The first minister pointed out that the newspaper had failed to carry out "the most elementary of journalistic checks and balances" and failed in its "duty to ensure, as far as possible, that the stories they present to readers are fair, balanced and - above all – accurate".

The Parliamentary Standards Commissioner has launched a formal inquiry into the conduct of the former Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael who admitted full responsibility for the untrue facts contained within the leak.

The case has been brought before the Court of Session where Mr Carmichael's lawyers are fighting to have the attempts to oust him dismissed at a legal debate.

How Chesca Leigh is tackling social issues one short, funny video at a time
Posted on Monday July 06, 2015

Chesca Leigh, a blogger, YouTuber, and comedian best known for her viral video “Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls, recently teamed up with MTV News to launch a new series called Decoded.

Each episode of the series - featured on the MTV News YouTube Channel - tackles social issues in short, “digestible,” millennial-geared segments that find the balance between serious and funny. Think Daily Show meets NowThis News. Episodes so far have included “Are Fried Chicken & Watermelon Racist” (the first of the series, which has already amassed 145,000 views), “Can You Change Your Race?,” and “Why Do Cops Hate this Phone?”

While addressing important issues, Leigh and MTV are attempting to reach young people via the mediums and formats that speak to them best.

“What makes our show different is it's a mix of sketch and vlogs,” Leigh told Found Remote. “We use humor to talk about certain subjects, but I also talk directly to the audience and interact with them. Even though we occasionally tackle trending stories, we're not traditional news. We’re not breaking stories or reporting. Instead the show takes a funny and straightforward look at topics that people might be confused about and "decodes" them to make them easier to understand.”

Millennials also seek interaction and providing feedback, and Leigh at the end of episodes provides a prompt, inviting viewers to post in the comments section. One can only imagine the types of comments posted on videos about race, but Leigh isn’t discouraged.

“The goal of the show is to get people thinking about these issues, so getting them to comment is probably the easiest way,” Leigh said. “It sounds basic, but if you don't ask for comments, some people won't say anything at all. Overall our comments have been pretty positive and even the not so nice ones really aren't that bad. (Just read the comments on "Shit White Girls Black Girls" they're horrendous!).”

Below, “Are Fried Chicken & Watermelon Racist.” New episodes premiere each Wednesday through August.