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Donald Trump controversy: A public apology is Donald's Trump card
Posted on Friday July 03, 2015

Donald Trump is slowly but surely becoming the Nigel Farage of America – that token politician who frequently puts his foot in it.

But whilst Farage managed to offend a large majority of the British public with his derogatory comments relating to immigrants and working mothers, Trump has insulted the whole of Mexico by branding its migrants criminals, rapists and drug barons.

Farage’s comments may have resulted in him becoming a laughing stock of the UK, but Trump’s sweeping generalisation has been far more damaging. The comments have landed him in murky waters with the majority of his business relationships just two weeks into his presidential campaign.

A number of the businesses that the Trump brand has worked hard to develop over the past few years have decided to terminate deals with the billionaire as a result of the offence he’s caused.

NBC Universal and Macy’s were among the companies to cut ties with Trump as a result of the comments and his broken down relationship with Latino broadcaster Univision has left a potential court case in the air after Trump filed a $500 million lawsuit against the broadcaster for damages.

There has been no such apology from Trump so far. Instead the former Apprentice star has added fuel to the fire by declaring how unapologetic he is and how much he still strongly stands by his comments.

To some extent, Nigel Farage was able to make such offensive comments without it having too much impact on his livelihood. However, in Trump’s case, it’s not just his presidential campaign he has to worry about derailing. His multi-billion empire is at stake as well.

He’s already lost a huge amount of money through burning bridges with key broadcasters and sponsors and has massively tarnished his brand.

Although the media storm may blow over, unfortunately reputation sticks and no business will want to work with someone who appears racist and could taint their own brands through association.

Through his persistence to stick by his word, it is clear Trump doesn’t want to back down to jeopardise the authoritative political image he is so desperately striving to convey. However to protect his business relationships, I would suggest he take a step back from the situation and think about the impact this could have on his business reputation.

From a media perspective, it is important to apologise when causing grave offence. This helps sustain relationships with any existing clients or partners and prevent further damage.

The key is to carefully select the most impactful media outlet to deliver messages through.

Offering a well-respected broadcaster an exclusive interview will allow the billionaire the opportunity to justify his point of view and apologise – whilst filming the interview live will prevent any edits that are crucial to the context. I would take the time to carefully fine-tune a statement with Mr Trump and help him work on his body language to convey his sincerity.

A remorseful statement on social media is also advisable. Seeking to repair the relationship with any fans and businesses who have been offended by the remarks might allow Trump to rekindle some of the lost support.

If he chooses to take this road, in time the Trump brand will be reinstated and any lasting damage will dissipate. However, in order for this to happen, the tide of public opinion will need to change to influence businesses so crucial to his empire and I truly believe a sincere response is the only way.

Phil Hall is chairman of reputation management agency PHA Media and a former editor-in-chief of the celebrity magazine Hello!

Reddit is in utter chaos as hundreds of its most popular communities go dark
Posted on Friday July 03, 2015

Words by Rob Price, Business Insider 

Reddit is in the midst of one of the most turbulent upheavals since its inception, with hundreds of the site's biggest communities going private in response to the sudden departure of one of the company's most popular employees.

Victoria Taylor, a staff member responsible for the extremely popular "Ask Me Anything" Q&A community r/IAmA often frequented by celebrities, was allegedly dismissed. Simultaneously, r/IAmA was set as private, preventing ordinary Reddit users from viewing or commenting on discussions, and Taylor indicated her termination came as a surprise — saying she was "dazed" by the news.

This seemingly innocuous personnel change has sparked an immediate — and extremely forceful — response from the community, with at least 265 of the site's most popular communities closing their doors in solidarity.

Read the original article on Business Insider. Copyright 2015. Follow Business Insider on Twitter.

Mondelez hires first global head of content and media monetisation
Posted on Friday July 03, 2015

Mondelez International has named senior marketer Laura Henderson its first global head of content and media monetisation as part of its wider efforts to use both to move audiences along the path to purchase and beyond.

Henderson reports to the snack maker’s chief media and ecommerce officer Bonin Bough who is tasked with bringing media and commerce together in order to unearth new revenue opportunities. Prior to her promotion, Henderson was head of media and communications planning for Mondelez in North America for two years.

Her role follows on from the arrival of Mondelez’s first global head of ecommerce Cindy Chen at the turn of the year, with both hires spotlighting the company’s hope to bet bigger on ecommerce in the future.

The Oreo maker wants ecommerce sales to hit the £1bn by 2020 and so has experimented with a number of models already this year in order to carve out a long-term plan.

From its recent tie-up with Facebook to prospective deals with media platforms like Zefr, Bough has stressed the need for branded content to not only sell its products but also be good enough to make money. He is a great admirer of the Buzzfeed model and wants the snack maker’s marketers to focus on quality of content rather than its reach.

Mondelez was unable to detail how Henderson would further this objective by the time this article was published. However, it is likely she will adopt a more hands on role in bringing these ideas to market across its brands.

It all feeds into Mondelez’s need for its media to not just work the margins. It wants to make smarter spending choices not cuts at a time when tougher cost-control measures internally mean its marketers have to respond to shifting content consumption habits in a more calculated manner.

This thinking in part spurred it to kick off a global review of its media planning and buying business. It told The Drum at the time that the review will streamline its agencies from four to two that will focus on growing its capabilities, particularly in the areas of content and content monetisation.

Mondelez isn’t the only FMCG brand looking to make headway in bridging the gap between content and sales. Unilever, Diageo, Mars and AB inBev are cautiously circling an area that could upset their relationships with retailers if not handled properly. 

Happy Birthday Podge: Creatives design 21st birthday cards to mark the occasion
Posted on Friday July 03, 2015

Legendary industry soiree Podge turns 21 this today.

The lunch, which is organised by chairman Phil Jones, has become one of the most anticipated events in the design calendar since its inaugural event at Quaglino’s in Mayfair in 1994.

From an initial guest list of 30, which boasted attendees such as Marcelo Minale, Aziz Cami and Alan Fletcher, the gathering has since "grown arms and legs" says Jones, with almost 200 set to eat, drink and talk design this afternoon at Podge 2015.

And so to observe its milestone,we deiced to celebrate Podge through design.

Last week we invited some seasoned 'Podgers' to create a card marking the occasion using Monotype's specially crafted Podge21 grotesque font.

From Podge loyalty cards to suggestions for hangover cures (we know you designers love a glass of wine, or two) there were some brilliant entries.

We asked our readers to choose a favourite, which will be revealed at the lunch this afternoon. Make sure you follow #designpodge on Twitter to find out who the lucky winner is.

In the meantime, take a look at some of the designs below.

Brand Vine Chart: New entry from Wimbledon reveals the many faces of Andy Murray
Posted on Friday July 03, 2015

Welcome to The Drum's Brand Vine chart, powered by Burst, the short-form social video specialists.

The chart is ranked on the number of loops generated by brands on the video sharing service each week.

EE held on to the number one spot with a video warning music fans to keep their eyes peeled for the network's high speed herd of 4G cows, which were responsible for powering the festival's Wi-Fi.

And with Wimbledon in full swing, the tournament clinched second place thanks a six-second clip of Andy Murray pulling some of his finest grand slam facial expressions.

The footage of the former Wimbledon champion was part of the brand's #14VinesForWimbledon social campaign, which took place ahead of the second day of the event.

Coming in at number three was Empire Magazine with a sneak preview of it's forthcoming issue. The special edition will rank the 100 greatest movie characters of all time from Darth Vader through to Joker.

Intel, Domino's and O2 also made it into the chart.

Vine Chart


Vine by EEUK

Brand: EEUK
Weekly Increase: +165.69%
Current loops: 12,976,443

Vine by Wimbledon

Brand: Wimbledon
Weekly Increase: +101.37%
Current loops: 22,919,652

Vine by Empire Magazine

Brand: Empire Magazine
Weekly Increase: +72.99%
Current loops: 55,740

Vine by Intel

Brand: Intel
Weekly Increase: +67.61%
Current loops: 30,585,623

Vine by Mountain Dew UK

Brand: Mountain Dew UK
Weekly Increase: +45.14%
Current loops: 273,479

Vine by innocent drinks

Brand: Innocent Drinks
Weekly Increase: +25.90%
Current loops: 150,646

Vine by Walkers Crisps

Brand: Walkers Crisps
Weekly Increase: +21.74%
Current loops: 2,106,262

Vine by Dominos_UK

Brand: Dominos_UK
Weekly Increase: +16.75%
Current loops: 2,679,980

Vine by O2 in the UK

Brand: O2 in the UK
Weekly Increase: +15.21%
Current loops: 462,362

Vine by Lottery Good Causes

Brand: Lottery Good Causes
Weekly Increase: +8.59%
Current loops: 515,747

The Economist bugs Londoners with free insect ice cream
Posted on Friday July 03, 2015

The Economist is offering Londoners a free sample of insect ice cream as part of a new experiential campaign designed to tempt new subscribers.

Containing actual insects the tasty iced treat is perfectly timed to coincide with a recent heatwave and is intended to support the magazine’s long-standing enthusiasm for insect consumption as a ready source of protein to feed a burgeoning global population.

Taking to the streets on a branded ice cream delivery tricycle today The Economist team  will offer punter s a choice of flavours including Choc Hopper with real grasshopper chunks and Scurry Berry with a mix of insect parts.

Marina Haydn, SVP of circulation and retail marketing for The Economist, said: "Experiential marketing approaches are being employed by The Economist as a core element of our global subscription marketing strategy. It is our way of bringing The Economist to potential readers in the real world, real time - and creating a content-laced experience that has been a journey to an area outside of the usual comfort zone.

“We think this particular story about insects is the kind of mind-stretching material that our globally curious target audience will find particularly interesting, and hopefully, tasty as well.”

In an editorial piece last September The Economist made a case for an insect diet by citing the twin challenges posed by a projected increase in the global population to 11bn by the end of the century and the impact of climate change on agriculture.

Pop giant Katy Perry super-sized for CoverGirl commercial
Posted on Friday July 03, 2015

CoverGirl has transformed pop giant Katy Perry into a real-life giant in its latest campaign.

The Forbes highest-earning female celebrity is seen as a larger version of herself to promote the brand’s SuperSizer mascara.

Earnings of $135m saw Perry snag the Forbes accolade earlier in the week.

She placed third place overall in its list of the 100 richest celebrities with boxers Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquico stealing first and second with $300m and $185m respectively.

Of the accolade she said: “I’m not here to brag. I’m here to inspire other females…when I saw Jessica Alba on the cover recently; I was like ‘That is so boss. That is so cool’.

“I’m really happy to be on the cover as a strong female who has created her own career.”

Perry joins the ranks of Drew Barrymore, Pink, Rihanna and Taylor Swift as an ambassador for the US make-up brand.


Nestlé quietly hires former Amazon exec to make 'ecommerce everywhere' in its marketing
Posted on Friday July 03, 2015

Nestlé has hired Amazon's director of consumables at Amazon Sebastien Szczepaniak to head up its ecommerce as it looks to create more effective call to action ecommerce messaging.

Szczepaniak joined in May as global head of ecommerce to help Nestlé “bring discipline” to how it is driving action through various channels of communication and marketing, the company’s global head of digital and social media Pete Blackshaw told The Drum.

“We are putting a lot of emphasis on call to actions and [understand] how we make sure that all our touch points have some type of actions whether its discover, share or even shop,” said Blackshaw. “We’ve brought in a new e-commerce leader from Amazon and he’s helping us bring some fabulous discipline to how we think about driving action whether its click to remind, click to buy or click to shop so we’ll see a lot more activity there. It’s really about building the discipline and ensuring that everything has digital activation potential.”

Currently, Nestlé uses a handful of ecommerce streams including pure play and e-tailers as well as direct to consumer models for its Nespresso and Dolce Gusto coffee brands – with plans to potentially expand the model wider. Blackshaw said Nestlé wants to take greater advantage of a “new phase of brand building” where the ability for consumers to quickly respond to ads and purchase products is readily available.

“What’s important is that we are entering an important new phase of brand building where the friction is being removed in transactions,” added Blackshaw. “We are moving towards an everywhere commerce environment where it’s not nearly as difficult for the consumer to act on an advertising stimulus.

“That’s a big opportunity, but it will also take a lot of figuring out on our part – ‘what’s the best way to do that, what categories are most primed for that?’ But it’s a good learning journey.”

Social has formed the crux of Nestlé’s most recent digital marketing mix with tie ups between KitKat and YouTube and US ice cream brand Drumstick and Periscope serving up as recent examples. While Periscope has yet to be tested in the UK market it could be used around KitKat’s ‘break’ positioning Blackshaw speculated, or in more playful applications.

Nestlé is also seeing a shift emerging in its content strategy, placing a greater emphasis on utility and service for its customers, which going forward will be an “important part of the mix” for all brand builders.

“We are moving from advertising to service,” said Blackshaw. “The service is a form of advertising but it puts a stronger onus on us to provide value and utility and improve consumer’s lives. That’s a big part of Nestlé mission with Good Food and Good Beverages, so building content models around that is very important.”

Manchester United’s social media followers top 100m
Posted on Friday July 03, 2015

Manchester United has become the first Premier League team to accumulate 100m global social media followers, having only recently become football’s first $1bn brand.

The Mancunian team attained their numerical feat by combining their follower count for their 10 most popular social networks, led by Facebook which accounted for 63.9 per cent of the total.

The remainder is accounted for by Tencent Weibo, Sina Weibo, Line, Instagram, Google Plus and Twitter which each account for between 5 and 8 per cent – with the first two highlighting the growing importance of the Chinese market to the club.

This follows a period of stratospheric growth in the club’s digital fan base which has expanded by over 200 per cent in the last two years alone, up from just 33m in 2013, despite a dry spell which has seen the team fail to add any new silverware to their threadbare trophy cabinet.

Manchester United still have a mountain to climb if they wish to reach the top of the global tree however with both Barcelona and Real Madrid sitting pretty with 196m and 145m followers respectively.

Need to Know – The latest US media & marketing news: Adidas Golf's strategy, Reddit rebellion & Gawker posts earnings ahead of Hulk Hogan video trial
Posted on Friday July 03, 2015

Morning all, here’s a glimpse at all the media and marketing news you should know today.

1Adidas Golf has hired a new creative agency to market golf as a sport instead of a pastime, asserts AdWeek"We are shifting to be more aligned with the Adidas brand and the idea that golf is a sport, and golfers are athletes," said Melissa Ziegler, global brand marketing director for the brand.

2. Gawker has posted strong earnings for 2014. Business Insider notes that Gawker Media Group (the holding company which owns the US and and Hungarian subsidiaries) had $6.53m in operating income on $44.3m of revenue. The blog is currently embroiled in a $100m lawsuit over ex-WWE star Hulk Hogan's sex tape.

3. Bud Light has appointed Wieden+Kennedy as its new lead agency, writes MediaPost. The firm succeeds Omnicom shop BBDO, which has led the account since 2013.

4. Pepsi-owned brand SoBe has apologized for a joke message under its bottle caps urging customers 'Help me, trapped in SoBe factory'. According to USA Today the company responded on social media, asserting: "These sayings are intended to give our consumers a little smile or pause for thought, not offense."

5. A rural Virginia field hospital is set to make history with medicine-delivering drones, reports the Washington Post. Richmond's Wise County Fairgrounds center will be the first to receive federally approved package deliveries in the US on 17 July

6. The shock departure of Reddit's director of talent, Victoria Taylor, has led to hundreds of popular Subreddits being made private in protest. International Business Insider notes that a number of the most popular Subreddits have been made private – including Ask Reddit, Gaming and I AM A (Ask Me Anything) – locking everyone except moderators and approved submitters out.

7. Facebook Messenger quietly began testing a new search feature this week, claims Mashable. The experiment was rolled out to a small group of Messenger users in Canada to make it easier for them to find stickers and Gifs in one place.

8. And Alibaba is in talks to rent more office space in Seattle. The Chinese e-tailer's founder Jack Ma says he first encountered the internet while visiting the city two decades ago, and now the Hangzhou-based firm is considering a sublease for almost 20,000 square feet in City Center Bellevue.

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