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Latest news from The Drum

Record Women’s World Cup final drew 13.3 million viewers on ABC
Posted on Tuesday July 07, 2015

The Women’s World Cup final which saw USA defeat Japan in an eventful 5-2 clash drew in a record 13.3 million viewers on ABC.

Featuring a hat-trick from US star Carli Lloyd, the figure was close to doubling the 8.6 million viewers drawn into the previous final in 2011 which aired on ESPN, showing a growing interest in the sport in the states.

On the ad front, Fox, which broadcasted 37 matches from the 52-game tournament, generated an impressive $26.8m in ad sales, AdAge quotes from figures.

Nationwide, Fiat, Visa, Ford, Bud Light. Audi and Nike were among the biggest advertisers of the Women’s World Cup on Fox.

Making the ad sale figures even more impressive is the fact that soccer airs in the US with limited ad breaks - unlike other sports such as basketball and football.

The top ten shows on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC in May 2015
Posted on Tuesday July 07, 2015

Each week we've been taking a unique look at interesting data about television with SimilarWeb. The first week we looked at the top pirated shows and last week we looked at the top shows on Netflix and Hulu. For this week's analysis, we take a dive into the top shows on the major broadcast networks' websites (ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC). As the traditional channels start transforming to OTT properties as well, the top shows on their websites could be as telling as ratings.

Here's analysis from SimilarWeb:

  • Reality shows remain popular on all the major networks online, but ABC has two of them. Survivor,The Amazing Race, and The Bachelorette continue to secure huge interest from fans more than a decade after they first aired.
  • Comedies and sitcoms also have a loyal Internet following. Fox has five that made the network’s Top 10 list in May. The network’s The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Bob’s Burgers were the only animated sitcoms to make any of the networks’ Top 10 lists.                        
  • Crime shows continue to enjoy strong support from fans. NBC has three of them: Law and Order SVU, The Blacklist, and Chicago PD. CBS’s Scorpion and Elementary, as well as ABC’s Secrets and Lies were also top ranked.
  • Four soap operas made on three different networks made the cut: CBS leads the way with two:The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful. NBC’s Days of Our Lives, and ABC’s Revenge round out the list.
  • Talk shows during the day (ABC’s The View) and night (The Late Show on CBS and The Tonight Show on NBC) continue their engaging conversations online.

SimilarWeb is the leading competitive market intelligence firm providing data analytics on desktop websites, mobile web and mobile apps. The SimilarWeb platform provides PPC, SEO, Media Buyers and Affiliates an edge over the competition with actionable insights into their competitor’s marketing tactics. Discover the data for yourself at, with free insights for any website or mobile app.

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DVR – the key for next generation OTT TV is in the clouds
Posted on Tuesday July 07, 2015

With the growth of OTT TV, multiple screen viewing and cord cutting catching on in the U.S., it is unsurprising that what matters in the world of video, TV and advertisers is converging.  For instance, in a recent report from June 2015, Forrester Research found that “lack of premium inventory is holding back digital video monetization.” Meanwhile eMarketer published a report about how US adults divide their TV screen time, showing that overall, video time continues to increase. While TV dipped a bit, time spent watching on connected devices more than tripled in 4 years.

So on one hand, advertisers are willing to pay 3x CPM, as their video-spending budget grows at the expense of search and display ads and on the other, viewers are craving content not just on TV, but on mobile devices.

What is the solution that can satisfy both advertisers and viewers? Cloud-DVR.

Cloud-DVR is the biggest differentiator between early OTT deployments (that mainly offer live, some VOD and limited discovery) to next-generation deployments (with advanced time-shifted TV, business model flexibility and full mobile device support). Cloud-DVR is arguably the killer-app that holds all the keys to unlocking the full potential of OTT delivery that will revolutionize our industry.

Cloud-DVR is seemingly simple – it allows end-users to record content on the cloud (instead of their set-top boxes or other hardware devices) and stream the content back on demand at any time. But Cloud DVR is anything but simple, and it has great benefits to all players in the TV consumption food chain.

Service providers can now let go of the expensive set-top boxes with their massive hard-drives, which require much investment and maintenance. Moving the storage to the cloud will allow for more storage with higher CPU for a lower price. Furthermore, service providers will be able to improve margins by offering Cloud-DVR users to pay extra for additional recording quota.

Content providers can set a new price for allowing their content to be Cloud-DVR’ed and downloaded for later viewing. In addition, with dynamic ad-insertion, VOD content can be monetized like never before.

Viewers will have the option to record an endless number of shows, watch them later on any device and also download content to view offline.

Advertisers can get access to more premium content inventory, as fresh and targeted ads can be dynamically inserted in cloud-recorded shows. Advertisers will also benefit from advanced mobile delivery that can easily ban the ability to fast-forward ads and better track engagement.

Storage Challenges are (almost) Solved

Historically, OTT vendors and operators faced challenges that impacted widespread adoption of Cloud-DVR solutions. We are now finally in a place where these hurdles are about to be overcome, including the most pressing one - storage. There are now a few approaches that help obliterate this obstacle, including having service providers record a rolling-buffer of linear channels and enable users to access their recorded shows based on queue point on that one long file. Another approach is to use a combination of core and edge storage with just-in-time transcoding, in order to reduce storage costs. In the US, where shared copies are not allowed, the leading OTT vendors experiment with storing individual copies in offline storage while streaming to users a cached (shared) copy. 

Utilizing such technologies, we expect to see several tier-1 deployments offering Cloud-DVR in Europe and Asia by the Fall. Based on the potential benefits of Cloud-DVR to all aspects of the OTT food chain, 2016 will likely be an even bigger year for the industry with accelerated growth for publishers and service providers alike.

Iddo Shai is a Director, Product Marketing for Kaltura, an open source video platform.

Teads MD defends Co-Op & Kuoni pulling ads from Rihanna music video as explicit and gratuitous content can 'devalue a brand’s creative'
Posted on Tuesday July 07, 2015

Major brands have pulled their adverts from Rihanna's latest music video 'Bitch Better Have My Money (Explicit)' on Vevo's YouTube channel, apparently unhappy to be associated with the content which features explicit language, violence and nudity.

The seven-minute video shows the popstar abduct and ransom the wife of an accountant who wronged her. The topless woman is threatened, beaten, bound and hung upside down, while Rihanna attempts to extract money from the man, who she eventually chainsaws to death.

It has split viewers - some argue it is empowering, others state it is mindlessly violent. The Guardian’s Rebecca Carroll even argued the racial imagery was responsible for the complaints in a piece entitled 'Rihanna's video puts a black woman in control – no wonder there's a backlash'. 

Regardless of the intent or purpose of the music video, travel firm Kuoni and the Co-Op were among the first firms to pull their ads from the Vevo video on YouTube.

On the removal Kuoni said that it did not want the brand appearing next to explicit content. The Co-Op similarly said it did not want to be “associated with” the video.

Commenting on the brands' responses, Justin Taylor, UK managing director of video advertising firm Teads, said: “It’s completely understandable that Kuoni and the Co-operative Group are frustrated after having their advertisements run before Rihanna’s music video.

“It’s only right that when paying for placements, brands have complete control and transparency about the content which surrounds their ads. Explicit or violent content might work for some brands, but they should have a choice about whether or not they run ads alongside it.”

He said that research backs the hypothesis that "where an advert appears can drastically affect how a consumer reacts to a brand," adding "it can devalue a brand’s creative rather than enhance it".

In order to avoid content and brand clashes in video advertising, Taylor suggested "asking for site lists, running verification tools and looking at alternative advertising formats".

Check out the video below. Needless to say, it is NSFW.

Need to Know – The latest US media & marketing news: Coca-Cola goes label-less, Women's World Cup nets ratings record & Reddit says sorry
Posted on Tuesday July 07, 2015

Morning all, here’s a glimpse at all the media and marketing news you should know today.

1. Facebook's chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg has joined the board of SurveyMonkey, where her late husband was the chief executive, notes Business Insider. Sandberg said she was joining the online polling service to help realize the vision of building a lasting company that impacts the way the world does business.

2. Donald Trump launched another attack on Mexico on Monday, says the Guardian. The billionaire and presidential candidate, who has already lost out on business with Macy's and NBC due to his stance on immigration, accused Mexicans of being responsible for “tremendous infectious disease... pouring across the border.”

3. Coca-Cola has gone label-less, asserts MediaPost. In a renewed bid to align itself with global harmony the brand has removed its name from cans of Coke in the Middle East to showcase what it says is an effort to “promote a world without labels and prejudices.”

4. Fox's coverage of the 2015 Women's World Cup final smashed the all-time ratings record for a stateside soccer audience, according to AdAge. The championship delivered 20.4 million viewers, with the month-long tournament generated $26.8m in ad sales revenue overall.

5. Google said on Monday that it would start testing a carpooling service in Tel Aviv, writes the New York Times. The offering will be powered through Waze – an Israeli social mapping start-up that the company bought in 2013 for $1bn.

6. Reddit chief executive Ellen Pao has apologized for the firm’s handling of its dismissal of director of talent Victoria Taylor, says the Washington Post. Following protests from longtime site users, the forum boss said: “We screwed up... We haven’t communicated well, and we have surprised moderators and the community with big changes.”

7. Procter and Gamble remains the world's largest advertiser, having spent $4.6bn last year. AdAge's annual '200 Leading National Advertisers' report puts the multinational in first place, followed by AT&T and General Motors.

8. And Twitter wants to know your birthday so it can shower you with balloons and ads. Mashable notes that the social network will now allow users to have their birthdate appear on their profile. The site will use the data to "to show you more relevant content, including ads."

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On-the-run man calls demands better police mugshot on Facebook in cheeky exchange
Posted on Tuesday July 07, 2015

A man being hunted by Victoria Police responded to a post from the force for information on his location, cheekily asking if they could use a better mugshot.

As police forces the world over take to social media platforms to benefit from their use in gathering and sending information, such exchanges between crook and cop will likely become more common.

An appeal from Aussie cops for 25-year-old Daniel Damon for traffic and drug offences went sour after he criticised his mugshot on Facebook.

Show me entity :: 1002

In response, Victoria Police invited him to pop in for a new mugshot in a humorous exchange.


It is believed that Daniel may be living in St Kilda.

Posted by Victoria Police on Sunday, 5 July 2015

Police believe the individual is living in the St Kilda area.

Brand of the Day: New York City FC
Posted on Tuesday July 07, 2015

The newest team in Major League Soccer, New York City FC, have signed yet another big named star this week in the form of Italian talisman Andrea Pirlo. The 36 year-old Juventus and Italy midfielder will join Man City’s Frank Lampard and former Barcelona striker David Villa at the Eastern Conference club on 21 July.

Out of the 20 teams competing in the MLS, New York City FC are currently sitting in 16th position in the league standings with their city rivals New York Red Bulls three points ahead.

The new club have been subjected to widespread criticism since their establishment form both fans and football analysts. The signing of Frank Lampard was one of the most controversial because the England midfielder was supposed to have joined the team at the beginning of their season in March however part owners Manchester City decided to extend his loan spell at Manchester City, meaning their star signing has missed the majority of the season.

Here’s more on the New York City FC brand.

Former captain of the US national team, Claudio Reyna, is the club's director of football and its first employee. During his career Renya played for Manchester City as well as NYC FC’s rivals New York Red Bulls.

The club is owned by a joint partnership with Manchester City Football Club and the New York Yankees. Manchester City is the majority owner of the club and the Yankees has a minority stake as an investor and is an active member of the ownership group.

The franchise cost a reported $100m (£66m) to join the MLS, which is around a third of the market value of Barcelona’s Lionel Messi.

The badge was designed by New York-based artist Rafael Esquer and was inspired by the old New York City subway token. Fans were given the option to vote between two of Esquer’s designs as well as submitting their own designs which would appear in the club badge mosaic.

While the club have a three year agreement with their part owners, the Yankees, they have still to find a location to build their own stadium. After numerous location’s being touted, Northern Manhattan is the most recent suggestion and would involve a newly built 25,000 seater stadium costing $400m which would be shared with Columbia University’s football team.

Tory MP Johnny Mercer lathers up for US Dove Men + Care ad
Posted on Tuesday July 07, 2015

Johnny Mercer, the newly elected Tory MP for Plymouth, has featured in a Dove Men advert which recently aired in the US.

During the 15 second slot, the ex-commando was filmed showering, lathering himself in Dove Men + Care gel, in what is most likely a first for a UK politician.

The 38-year-old shot the scene before he was elected as a Conservative MP in the 2015 election, and can be seen lifting his six-year-old daughter Amalie in the video.

On featuring in the campaign, Mercer told the Plymouth Herald: “They [agency representing Dove] phoned us up because they wanted people who weren't models or signed-up to an agency.

"When they asked me, I thought 'Why not, it will be a laugh'. It was really fun, they sent me and the girls to London for three days.

"Unfortunately, I think it might be the first in a series of adverts but we'll have to wait and see. Hopefully it will be forgotten about quickly."

Back in the UK, Dove + Men is likely set to benefit from the publicity generated as a result of its Rugby World Cup 2015 partnership which sees it serve as an official tournament supplier.

BBC, Samsung, Barclays and more unveil BBC micro:bit coding computer
Posted on Tuesday July 07, 2015

The BBC, in collaboration with a string of partners including Barclays, Samsung and Microsoft, has unveiled the BBC micro:bit – a pocket-sized, codeable computer designed to let children get creative with technology. 

The computer will be given to every year-seven child in the UK (around one million 11 and 12 year olds) for free to help realise the ambition to inspire digital creativity and develop a new generation of tech pioneers. 

Part of the BBC’s 2015 Make it Digital initiative, the BBC micro:bit aims to help young people develop core skills in science, technology and engineering. It marks the BBC’s most ambitious education initiative for 30 years, following the 1980s BBC Micro initiative that introduced many children to computing for the first time. 

Tony Hall, director-general of the BBC, said: “Channelling the spirit of the Micro for the digital age, the BBC micro:bit will inspire a new generation in a defining moment for digital creativity here in the UK. All you need is your curiosity, creativity and imagination – we’ll provide the tools. This has the power to be transformative for the UK. The BBC is one of the few organisations in the world that could convene something on this scale, with such an unprecedented partnership at its core.”

Each element of the BBC micro:bit is programmable via easy-to-use software on a dedicated website (available later in the summer) that can be accessed from a PC, tablet or mobile.

The computer also connects to other devices, sensors, kits and objects, and works as a companion to Arduino, Galileo, Kano, littleBits and Raspberry Pi, acting as a spring-board to more complex learning. 

A total 29 partners were involved in the collaboration with the BBC, including ARM, element14, Freescale, Lancaster University, Nordic Semiconductor, ScienceScope, Technology Will Save Us and the Wellcome Trust. 

The BBC micro:bit will start to arrive in schools in late October.


UK Top Shazamed Ads: Lloyds Bank goes straight to number one with 'Wings' by Birdy
Posted on Tuesday July 07, 2015

Lloyds Group has shot straight into the top spot in The Drum's Shazam chart.

The bank's 250th anniversary campaign, 'Horse Story', marks the return of its iconic black horse, and focuses on the strength and support that horses have offered in everyday situations since 1765.

The 90-second ad is accompanied by an acoustic version of 'Wings' by British singer Birdy, from her 2013 album Fire Within.

Asda comes in at fourth place with 'Oh My Love' by California band The Score. The supermarket has resurrected its classic 'pocket tap' to celebrate 50 years in business.

And 'Freedom' by Pharrell earns Apple Music fifth place, as the tech giant invites fans to tune in to Beats 1 radio station.

KFC, Nationwide and Coca-Cola remain in the chart this week.

Shazam Chart

Position Shazam Chart
Artist: BIRDY
Brand: Loyds Bank
Campaign: Black Horse
Agency: Adam&Eve/DDB
Brand: Fiat 500
Campaign: Vintage
Agency: Maxus & Krow Communications
Artist: EAST 17
Brand: Three Mobile
Campaign: When Stuff Sucks
Agency: Mindshare & W+K London
Brand: Asda
Campaign: The Pocket Tap Is Back
Agency: VCCP
Brand: Apple
Campaign: Beats 1 Worldwide
Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day
Artist: RIXTON
Brand: Walls
Campaign: Peanut Butter Love
Brand: KFC
Campaign: 99pVIP
Agency: BBH London & Walker
Brand: Nationwide
Campaign: On Your Side
Brand: M & S
Campaign: Adventures in Seaside
Agency: Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R & Mindshare
Brand: Coca-Cola
Campaign: Choose Taste Choose Choice
Agency: Ogilvy