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Latest news from The Drum

2015's most popular search terms revealed
Posted on Saturday November 28, 2015

The most popular search term in Britain in 2015 has been revealed as the Rugby World Cup, according to Yahoo. 

The search engine has compiled a list of the top ten search terms over the last 12 months as part of its annual Year in Review.

The Duchess of Cambridge came in second place followed by EastEnders. Up next was ex Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson who hit the headlines after it was alleged he attacked a producer of the TV show.

Celebrity Big Brother, Wimbledon and Cilla Black also feature on the list. 

Yahoo UK editor Nick Petche said: "Despite England not making it out of the group stages, the UK has been gripped with Rugby World Cup fever this year, as it was the most-searched item on Yahoo in 2015.

"Among the billions of online searches this year, the Duchess of Cambridge continued to win our hearts as she gave birth to a second royal baby, becoming the most-searched-for celebrity, as well as the second-most-searched term overall."

Google has received 350k URL removal requests
Posted on Saturday November 28, 2015

Google has revealed that it has received 349,351 URL removal requests following the launch of its official request process in May last year. 

In 2014 the Court of Justice of the European Union found that individuals have the right to ask search engines like Google to remove certain results about them, with search engines only able to continue to display certain results where there is a public interest in doing so. 

In total the search giant has evaluated 1.2m requests so far with 42.1 per cent of those URLs "fully processed".

Facebook was the most common site affected (10,257 posts were removed), followed by Profileengine.com, groups.google.com and Youtube. 

By country Google has received 73,399 requests for URL removal from France, 60,198 from Germany, 43,101 from the UK, 33,106 from Spain and 26,186 from Italy. 

Examples of requests Google has recieved include an individual who was convicted of a serious crime in the last five years but whose conviction was quashed on appeal. Google then removed the page from search results for the person's name.


Rupert Murdoch reveals Tribune's publishing arm is to be acquired by "big Wall Street firm"
Posted on Saturday November 28, 2015

Tribune Publishing's newspaper group is set to be acquired by "a big Wall Street firm" according to media mogul Rupert Murdoch who revealed the news in a tweet last night (27 November). 

The company, which owns LA Times, will apparently split off the title as part of the sale, according to the News Corp executive chairman. It will be sold to a group of investors including businessman and philanthropist Eli Broad, Murdoch said. 

Tribune Publishing has recently made a number of moves that could signify an imminent sale. Around 7 per cent of its staff left the newspaper group, many of which were editorial staff at the LA Times, according to USA Today. 

The group's other titles include Chicago Tribune, Orlando Sentinel and Hartford Courant.

Why understanding audience permissions can help brands create more meaningful campaigns
Posted on Saturday November 28, 2015

The trend for outlandish ad campaigns has reached saturation point recently, begging the question of whether it's enough for brands to be merely entertaining their audience with whacky content, or if they should be doing much more.

For many FMCG brands, entertaining ads can sometimes work, as long as the product takes centre stage, but for service-based brands such as internet providers, mobile phone and insurance companies, this strategy is often a total misfire.

Many of these companies have difficulties with customer satisfaction, and so it’s a mistake for these brands to invest so heavily in entertaining and social campaigns designed to attracts new customers if they are having difficulty satisfying their existing ones. Creating an 'entertaining for entertainment’s sake' campaign that doesn’t ring true for many customers’ lacklustre experience of the brand threatens to alienate current customers, not engage them, and where will they voice this? On social media, questioning the value of having run the campaign to begin with. 

Instead of throwing money at perceived marketing problems, brands need to get better at listening to their audiences so they can invest in improving their product and service accordingly, and create campaigns that genuinely chime with their customers. 

If you’re a brand, a big part of this is understanding what permission your audience gives you, as that dictates what level you can interact with them, and how. The trick here is to balance what you want to do with your marketing versus what your audience will allow you to do. An audience won’t let a brand get away with whacky advertising if they perceive them as being a poor service provider.

So why are brands still getting it wrong? A lot of the time it’s because ‘marketing’ is treated as a separate entity to other facets of the business, not as a joined-up part of the brand as a whole. This often results in the brand promise and personality of ad campaigns bearing little or no resemblance to the product itself and consumers’ experiences of it. Brands go to their agencies with marketing-shaped problems that often don’t reflect the real challenges the brand is facing. It can take a lot of digging to get back to the root of the problem and a good agency is one is one that creates successful campaigns by listening to the brand and working with them to understand what permission their audience give them.

Another problem can be quickly seen when googling ‘social media strategy’. Most search results will give the advice to ‘produce lots of content’, ‘be relevant’, ‘create videos, ‘set up a twitter schedule and tweet every day’. While this works well for many brands, others launch into this high level of ‘engagement’ without having fully listened to their audience or understood the permission value given to them.

This often results in the brand simply pushing messages out to their audience, a one-way conversation, which can quickly get tedious. People may comment that they like an ad, but you don’t get any genuine engagement or two-way conversations going until you listen to your audience and correctly gauge what permission they give you to interact with them.

Old Spice seem to have mastered it well. They started off with an entertaining new ad strategy, which they used to build an online community. Once the buzz had reached the right level, they hosted live filming days where their audience could use social media to inform and influence the campaign in real time. Soon the community was driving the campaign and the content coming out of it, which was a clever move in terms of audience engagement and growing consumers’ trust, permission and interaction with the brand.

So once again it all comes back to every brand’s greatest challenge of gaining, increasing and sustaining their audience’s trust. While entertaining advertising may work for a short-term hit, long-term the only way brands can do this is to carefully listen to their audience and understand what permissions they give them.

This will avoid pressing play on campaigns that can potentially do more harm than good and ultimately lead to more meaningful engagement with new, and existing, customers. 

Matt Gelder is associate creative director at Clinic

Retailers reap benefits of online shopping as £3bn expected to be spent by Cyber Monday
Posted on Saturday November 28, 2015

UK retailers are set to enjoy a share of the £3bn expected to be spent by shoppers by the end of Cyber Monday. 

Following yesterday's Black Friday sale that saw an upsurge of online transactions, retailers participating in the event, which includes Boots, ASOS and Waterstones, will enjoy a total of a predicted £3.2bn that analysts expect will be splurged over the four day event.

Amazon reported its biggest sales day ever in the UK, with more than 6m items being ordered on Friday (27 November), according to the Guardian. 

However, some retailers failed to implement learnings from last year's Black Friday and experienced website crashes as swathes of shoppers logged on to snap up a bargain. 

John Lewis, Argos and Tesco all experienced down time as their websites struggled to cope with the demand. 

Meanwhile, scenes of in store chaos that 2014's sales event produced were not repeated across the UK as consumers favoured online shopping over the high street.


House of Fraser ups media spend for Christmas campaign ahead of track from ad featuring on X Factor
Posted on Saturday November 28, 2015

House of Fraser is set to increase its media spend this weekend after it was revealed the song featured in its Christmas ad will be sung by a contestant on the X Factor tonight (28 November). 

The song, by artists Grace and G Eazy, is a reimagination of 1960s hit You Don't Own Me, and is the theme tune to the retailer's festive campaign that centres around contemporary dancers wearing a variety of House of Fraser clothing and accessories. 

The track was relatively unknown until the 60-second ad ran for the first time during the talent show last weekend, but has since gained popularity and entered the Radio 1 playlist on Wednesday morning. As a result X Factor judge Rita Ora chose the song for contestant Lauren. 

The track is produced by Quincy Jones who also produced the original You Don’t Own Me track by Lesley Gore. 18 Feet & Rising created the campaign. 

Feeling contented: Where now for content marketing?
Posted on Saturday November 28, 2015

Some three years ago the Association of Publishing Agencies (APA) changed its name to the Content Marketing Association. A sign of the times, it was an acknowledgement that ‘content’ was climbing the marketing agenda, and a commitment from the association to further promote it as such.

And it isn’t the only body pushing such an agenda: the Branded Content Marketing Association is a global industry body for branded content practitioners (mostly broadcasting and publishing companies) that aims to promote best practice and share knowledge, while the UK’s Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM) has seen interest in its courses and diplomas in this area rise sharply.

Cheil UK COO Matt Pye to depart
Posted on Friday November 27, 2015

Cheil UK has announced the impending departure of chief operating officer, Matt Pye after five years. 

Paul Hammersley, group chief executive of Cheil UK, said: “Matt has played an huge part in helping transform Cheil to the agency it is today and I’d like to thank him for that. While we’ll miss him, we look forward to carrying on his good work.”
Pye said: “I’ve had a wonderful time and, hopefully, I’ve left the agency in a far better position that when I arrived. It’s time for the next chapter and, with Paul at the helm, I’m certain the future is bright. I’m off for a little lie down followed by a fresh challenge.”

Cheil said that Pye, who joined as managing director in 2011, would take 'a short break' before seeking a new challenge. 

 He was promoted to chief operating officer in 2013. 

Doddle enlists Fold7 to champion online shopping as a means of avoiding the Black Friday bustle
Posted on Friday November 27, 2015

Doddle has tapped the chaos of Black Friday to put forward the benefit of its easy-to-use parcel service in a campaign.

The logistics firm service enlisted London advertising agency Fold7 creating a campaign to capitalise on the Black Friday frenzy, creating an ad which will run from 24 November on YouTube and Twitter.

Paddy Earnshaw, chief customer officer at Doddle, said: “We wanted to create some content that brought to life the reasons why online shoppers are choosing Doddle. Our favourite piece of feedback from customers is that we make their lives easier.

“This year, there’s no need to get involved in the madness of Black Friday or Christmas in general. Sit back, shop online and get your parcels at Doddle when it suits you.”

The ad’s executive creative director, Ryan Newey, added: “We wanted to contrast the remarkable difference between a normal Black Friday and a Doddle Black Friday.

“We show how truly hideous Black Friday can be when you brave going in store to seek out those bargains versus the calmness and serenity that ensues when you get your bargains delivered to a Doddle store and collect them with ease and convenience.”

What’s the correct way to scale your social? #SMBuzzChat with Dan Spicer
Posted on Friday November 27, 2015

We talked about scaling your social media output as your brand grows during this week’s #SMBUzzChat with Dan Spicer.

The chat

Dan wanted to not only educate the community during the chat, but also to gauge how companies around the world are utilising social media correctly for their company.

Are you cracking down hard in the gaps in your company or are you still letting 2014 dictate your social media plan?

Read the Twitter chat roundup below and let us know in the comments. Thank you all 50 of you who joined in the chat on Tuesday, a feat that shows we’re chipping away at your Tuesday Champions league evening. 

Next Week’s Chat

Next week, we will be joined by the Director of Social from The Next Web as our special guest host.

Matt Navarra has led the charge for The Next Web when it comes to changing their social media community whilst making sure every voice is heard. If you’re starting out in social media or want to find a new way to embrace your community, you need to make sure you join the chat next Tuesday from 7PM GMT.

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