Director of Strategy and Technology, Zone

Dave helps large organisations use emerging technologies for innovation. He has spent the past two decades designing and building software systems used by several hundred million people worldwide.

Dave is interested in Agile software development and scalable microservice API architectures. He wrote the book on the Scalatra HTTP microframework, used to build NetFlix, the BBC's Linked Data project, and McLaren Applied Technology's series data store. At present he's building a horizontally scalable blockchain.

Dave approaches technology with a combination of childlike enthusiasm and grown-up cynicism. He has a keen interest in organizations and institutions, and the interplay between social structures and software.


A Beginners Guide to AI

Artificial Intelligence is being touted as akin to the next Industrial Revolution. The effects could be similarly far-reaching. But people have been trying to develop intelligent machines since the 1950s, and there have often been waves of enthusiasm followed by disappointment. How far have we got this time? What are the realistic prospects for the next few years, and what are the social effects likely to be?