Lead Marketing Technologist, Mindshare

Morys comes from a technology consulting background, having worked in SAP consultancy at IBM before moving into digital advertising with the programmatic tech provider AppNexus where he helped build and develop trade desks within the big six agency holding company groups. Prior to arriving at Mindshare, Morys worked at Facebook on cross-device measurement technology, leveraging Facebook’s data to bring people-based marketing, audience and performance insights to advertisers and agencies. His focus as Lead Marketing Technologist at Mindshare is applying technology to solve business problems and drive customer success.


Digital Transformation: Media Personalisation in Programmatic Marketing

The premise of the programmatic approach to media is hitting the right person with the right message at the right time, and doing that entails personalised creative messaging. This used to mean chasing people round the web with an offer for that unsold product in their basket, nowadays we are recognising the value of the consumer journey, of storytelling in online media. It also entails data – how do we know which message to serve and when is that ‘right time’? If ad blocking has taught us anything it’s that we’ve not done a great job of discerning this, but often that’s because we’ve not had the data, or indeed the messaging, to hand to really connect with the consumer in a meaningful way.

Building a cohesive approach to storytelling across your media that’s based on a single view of the consumer is easier said than done. It means combining not just media buying processes and technologies but also the consumer’s website experience as well as offline data housed in all sorts of legacy IT systems that were often never built to talk to each other – let alone feed data into a programmatic media activation platform. This session will offer an introduction to the fundamentals of personalisation and share experiences around some of the common sticking points and barriers on the road to digital transformation in programmatic media. The premise of programmatic still stands, it’s about having the right tools at hand to do the job