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John Grant was co-founder and head of strategy at St Luke's the legendary 1990s creative agency with a social conscience and well ahead of its time in having a "free range office". Since then he has consulted with a wide range of impressive clients and written seven books on topics such as brands, innovation, sustainability and emerging cultures. His latest book is called "Better" and is about the wellbeing revolution and the human friendly company.

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Wellbeing and Better Business

Are companies just a mechanism for producing financial results? An alternative view which started from innovative companies such as Body Shop and Google, sees business as a living human ecosystem, its purpose being to enhance wellbeing;  financial well-being certainly, but also community, health and human progress. This ‘better’ idea took hold in ‘free range’ workplaces with their natural, human-centred architecture, flexible working and mindfulness classes. But there is now growing evidence that these changes aren’t just 'nice', but that they produce better results. And now, ‘better’ as an ethos has seeped from workplace culture into the strategy, products, transparency, community and purpose of some of the world’s leading companies such as Unilever.