Co-President at BIMA & Founding Partner at TH_NK

Tarek is Co-President of BIMA, the industry body representing the digital industry in the UK. He is also founding partner at TH_NK, an independent digital transformation agency based in London and Newcastle.

TH_NK works with clients like Vue, Shop Direct, Warner Bros., ASOS and Atom Bank to set and realise their digital ambitions. In its 10 years the agency has seen the need for digital transformation comes in waves. When, in a perfect storm organisations are no longer aligned to a common goal, customers’ expectations outpace their experience, and technology becomes a constraint rather than an enabler.

TH_NK blends the skills and talent from the three kinds of partner clients typically need today. Combining the business focus of consultancies, the customer centricity of agencies and the tech capability of systems integrators - making it a true partner for change.

Tarek has partnered clients through their most ambitious programmes including working with Atom to design a bank from scratch and working directly with J.K Rowling to conceive and create Pottermore, a digital legacy for her most loved story and one of the most exciting and anticipated publishing launches in years.

He is also a regular judge for the industry’s awards circuit and commentator in trade and mainstream media on a range of topics, appearing live on BBC, Sky and Bloomberg several times in the past year.


The Next Digital Revolution: The big shifts emerging in technology, and how we need to respond

As an industry, we’re used to rapid change caused by technology and we’ve made it our business to stay one step ahead of this change; it’s why we’re all here, it’s why we’re succeeding at what we do.

But we’re about to enter a new era.  Over the next two to five years we are set to see emerging technologies that will cause a shift in human behaviour like we’ve never seen before – in how we shop, how we interact, how we bank, how we run our homes, how we work and how we run our businesses.

New advancements in artificial intelligence alone will have a transformative effect on our world beyond people’s current perceptions. This creates a huge opportunity for Britain’s digital and creative industries, but how we respond, and how fast we respond, will be crucial. 

From collaboration to entrepreneurialism, from innovation to talent and diversity, I’ll explore why I believe this change will be huge and what we need to be doing to make the most of it.