Senior Editor, Zone

Chris has been working in media and marketing for over 10 years. As a journalist he wrote for The Guardian, The Sun, Manchester Evening News and a number of sports and lifestyle magazines before moving into digital at News UK, where he helped manage online communities for The Sun, News of the World and London Paper.

A stint at Hearst Magazines launching social media projects for Cosmopolitan was followed by three years working for a climate change charity, where he headed up content production for digital partnerships with Vodafone, Eurostar and various music festivals.

Since joining Zone in 2013, Chris has worked as a creative strategist on projects for BT, Channel 4, the Co-Op Bank, the Nike Foundation and the London School of Economics.

The internet already has too much content. How should creativity respond?

What do creative teams need to consist of in a world where the lines between content marketing, PR, advertising and CRM are significantly blurring, particularly as programmatic technology begins to create new opportunities for reaching audiences at scale? What skills do agencies and brands need to develop to keep pace with these changes? How should creative processes evolve?

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