Chief Client Officer and co-Founder, Fjord

As the Founder and Chief Client Officer at Fjord, now a part of Accenture Interactive, Mark is instrumental in making Fjord one of the world’s leading service design consultancies. He oversees the sales, marketing, and strategy teams to redefine and expand Fjord’s offering to fit client needs, while also pioneering design innovation in new markets. Mark is the author of the book “Distraction – Being Human in the Digital Age”, which focuses on the effects and direction of digital media on society.

Living Services - the third era of digital

You will have heard of the Internet of Things, but how will businesses and brands use it? How will health services, transportation, insurance, utilities and security companies, for example, evolve to match our increasingly liquid demands and expectations in a world where almost everything is digitized?

These questions are answered in a new groundbreaking report on the future of everyday life by Fjord, Design and Innovation from Accenture Interactive. The report envisages how businesses from oil companies to retailers, will create entirely new types of customer service or ways of working.

The Era of Living Services describes how brands will use the Internet of Things and powerful data analytics to create services that come to life; predicting and reacting to consumers’ changing needs and circumstances. In other words, branded services that are personalized and change in real-time for every individual wherever they are and whatever they are doing.

Most importantly, the report predicts a wholesale transition from one-size fits all services to the delivery of mass-service customization, marking a revolutionary shift in the relationship between the customer and service providers and demanding a wholesale re-appraisal of current business structures and operational relationships.

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