Head of Strategty at True Digital, Head of Marketing & Brand at Sawday's and Canopy & Stars

Nada is Head of Marketing and Brand at Sawday’s and Canopy & Stars, two Bristol travel companies committed to encouraging richer holiday experiences. She’s an entrepreneur with international experience, has helped grow Canopy & Stars from start up zero to seven figures in less than six years with 30 to 50% year on year growth since launch, and believes great marketing is equal parts instinct, creativity and insight. Arguably an idealist, she is convinced genuine brands can connect with fundamental human emotion. Her passions are authentic travel, human behaviour, and the great outdoors.

James is Head of Strategy at True Digital, a full service digital marketing agency in Bristol. He has spent the last five years leading strategy teams in media, creative and digital agencies, working with brands such as EE, Lloyds Bank and Kellogg’s, and has won IPA Effectiveness awards for his work on public sector clients. He sits on the APG committee and is chair of its new regional offshoot, APG West. 

Getting past the first date - how nurturing creativity together makes a new client-agency relationship work

Can creativity be the lens through which a client and agency establish a relationship and create the conditions for shared success? How do they accommodate the different voices within each business, and use their different skills to build mutual respect and produce brilliant output together? In this session Nada Matti-Leighton, Head of Marketing & Brand at Sawday’s and Canopy & Stars, and James Caig, Head of Strategy at True Digital, will talk about the lessons they’ve learned over the first nine months of working together. They will share collaborative techniques, reveal the problem-solving processes that worked, and examine how connected creativity works in the real world.