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Communicate with Confidence

Business Consultant/Coach/Mentor, Events / Experiential

I help organisations and individuals move from a place of anxiety around speaking in front of others to building their confidence and skills to actually enjoying public speaking and presentations.  Even if people are quite confident giving presentations I help them take their presentation to the next level so they can speak with impact and gravitas and really get their message across.  Areas I work with include :

  • specific presentations

  • key notes

  • 60 seconds/networking

  • sales pitches

  • being heard in meetings

My passion is to help you stand out when you are speaking in front of others, whether that's you as an individual or your whole team so that you can get your message across.  I go into organisations and companies and train them in overcoming any fears of public speaking and how to design and deliver dynamic presentations.  I also work on a one to one basis.  

My approach is an integrated one using mindset, body, voice and energy.   With over twenty years experience in drama, coaching, NLP (neuro-liguistic-programming and Qi Gong (energy work a bit like tai chi) I find this approach gets the best results.  I make the space safe and supportive and the training fun as I believe this is the best environment in which to learn.  Here is what a few people have said about my training :

"Julia was exceptionally engaging, practical, and really took the effort to make the course work for our company.  This day made a real difference".

Autumn Forecast, Designer, Soapbox (digital marketing agency in Bath and London)

"Julia was engaging and knowledgable. I felt inspired."

Victor Rigby, Business Manager, CPAB (Counselling organisation in Glastonbury)

"It was an excellent session (bespoke presentations course).  It was targeted, personable and output focused".

Sam Reeve, CEO of Resource Futures, (an Environmental Cosultancy in Bristol)

Key Skills

  • presentation skills training
  • dynamic presentations
  • sales piches. overcoming public speaking fears
  • key note speeches
  • sixty seconds
  • networking
  • wedding speeches

Key Clients

  • Eunomia
  • An Environmental Consultancy in Queens Square
  • Bristol Soap Box a Digital Marketing Agency in Bath and London Cpab
  • A Counselling Organisation in Glastonbury
  • 422 South a Data Visualisation Company in Colston Yard in Bristol
  • Resource Futures an Environmental Consultancy in the Create Centre in Bristol
  • Bath Festivals Located in Bath As You May Expect Marie Stopes International London


1 Church Road



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