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Greg Marston Ltd

Voiceover, Advertising, Branding

I'm an international voice-over artist with 30+ years' experience, working from a professional studio for clients large and small all over the world.

I've voiced almost every kind of script imaginable - from standard commercials through to documentaries, narratives, stories, e-learning, on-hold messaging and, notably, imaging and branding for radio and TV Networks across the planet, either voiced in-studio or utilising the very latest VOIP technology.

I'm Bristol born-and-bred - but was taken to the Antipodes when I was 13 years old, spent 22 years downunder, returned to my hometown in 1992 to, amongst other things, brand the then GWR Radio Network and, for family reasons, travelled back to Australia in 2006.

Re-arriving in Bristol in March 2016, I'm still here in my hometown!

It’s a little difficult to condense 30+ years into one page or even several paragraphs, so I hope you’ll forgive my verbosity, loquacity, and outright garrulity (maybe not so unsual for a voice-over artist!).

Most voice-overs are 'cast' according to what's known as their 'age range'. My voice sounds the same today as it did 30 years ago - but with a little more experience behind it.

So my 'age range' is from 30’s through to senility (really, I can do very, very old sounding people - and not just Gandalf!).

Nationality: British (insert national anthem here) - I'm known as a 'neutral but (obviously) English' sounding voice-over (we all sound like we come from somewhere). I lived, on and off, in Australia for 30 something years as of my early teens, however, I never acquired a hint of an Aussie accent - but I can 'do' a decent "Oz".

Tone of Voice: from rich, smooth, powerful, edgy, sardonic, deep, hard-sell, shouty, movie-trailer and quite chocolate-like (at least, that’s what I’ve been described as on occasion!) all the way through to light, fluffy-bunny, quirky, cynical, sarcastic, emotive, monotone, 50’s “Pathe News”, empathetic, Monty Python and Micky Mouse - can also “do” some American accents as well as “cartoon-like” voices if required (not necessarily Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck etc. - although…).

Recording: I work out of my fully pro-studio in my apartment in Bristol. My microphone of choice is an Aston Spirit, and I use an Apogee Duet interface and record into various softwares, including "Twisted Wave" and "Logic Pro X". When travelling, which I do occasionally, I take my bespoke PortaStudio™. I’ve been working with and from it since 2013. I'm available from both studios for “live/directed” sessions via ipDTL (direct and by dialling into an ISDN codec), Source-Connect. SessionLink, SKYPE (direction) and various other VOIP's. When on-the-road, I use a Rode USB mic. I always record at flat EQ with no processing or compression what-so-ever. Most clients require WAV formatted files, however, I can send in whichever format is required.

Method and Turnaround: usually, clients send scripts, a direction/brief, occasionally music, duration information and a pronunciation guide if necessary and I get on with it, providing (on most occasions) more than one take (depending on how long the script is). The quickest I’ve ever turned around some liners I voiced for LBC London was 2 minutes - from downunder! Usually, I can voice, record, clean-edit/de-breath, proof and send audio within a matter of hours - and I mostly clean-edit/de-breath all my audio. All clients have commented that the sound from my pro-studio and PortaStudio is “amazing”!

TimeZone/Availability: now based in the UK, I’m on GMT, so available to work for most clients across all time-zones throughout the world as [reasonably] required.

Summary: I’m a professional, versatile voice-over artist with over 30 years experience as such in the UK, Europe, Africa, Australia and the UAE. - in fact, across most of the planet. This is all I do - nothing else (except singing jazz occasionally with one of two twenty piece big bands I was with whilst living in Oz!). My background/history was in radio and a little TV, and I’ve done just about everything in the broadcasting world from making tea to being the Music Director of the ABC in Western Australia for two years a couple of decades ago.

Head to www.gregmarston.net if you want to know more...

Key Skills

  • voice-over
  • writing
  • proofing
  • recording
  • editing
  • singing

Key Clients

  • Bbc Radio 4 Trails
  • Classic Fm Station Imaging & Branding
  • Lbc 97.3fm Station Imaging & Branding
  • Fox Network Middle East Continuity Voice for 4 Channels
  • Ntv Television Network Africa Continuity Across Kenya & Uganda
  • Virgin Radio Australasia
  • Emirates
  • Sony
  • Samsung
  • Coca-cola
  • Macdonalds
  • Ibm
  • Microsoft
  • Bentley
  • Jaguar
  • Landrover
  • Bmw
  • Mercedes
  • Audi
  • Volkswagen
  • Porsche
  • Ford
  • Vauxhall
  • Toyota
  • Singapore Tv
  • Bhp Billiton
  • Rio Tinto
  • Rac
  • Bt
  • Hilton
  • Sheraton
  • Ritz Carlton
  • Hyatt
  • Radisson
  • Marriott and Other Major Hotels Around the World
  • Mitsubishi Corporation
  • Kelloggs
  • British Gas
  • Lloyds Bank
  • Dhl
  • Cadbury
  • Bose
  • Costa Coffee
  • Specsavers...



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