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Jon Dewey

Copywriting, Branding, Planning/Strategy

Senior copywriter, Strategist, Scriptwriter offering creativity, rigorous thinking and words that flow.

With over 20 years’ experience of delivering compelling communications for clients, I know that the right words sell ideas, brands and products. The pace of change in communications may be accelerating but the fundamentals remain constant: bright ideas, sensitivity to the target audience, and precise execution will always determine the success of a campaign.

I’m experienced, professional, used to working with major brands and powerful personalities, and able to add value across a wide variety of channels. I’m smart, commercially minded, alive to new ideas and a genuine team player. I can work in isolation or as an auxiliary member of your creative team – whatever works for you to get the message across and engage your audience.


Winthill Cottage, Wint Hill, Banwell


BS29 6NN

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