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Sarski Anderson

Publishing / Press / Media, Copywriting, Print / Production Management


When it comes to communicating your message loud and clear, choosing the right words is vital


a little about me

I am a freelance editorial professional based in Bristol with diverse experience in writing (technical and journalistic) for print and web, editing, research, interviewing, project management and magazine production at a high level. Committed to maintaining quality, integrity, speed and relevance at the core of all editorial output, my aim is to create content that maximises engagement with the intended audience. I can be relied on to produce excellent and timely copy for a range of channels and products: from reports and magazines to policy briefs; from event programmes to animation storyboards and microsites.

Cutting my teeth in journalism over a decade ago at South West News Service where I researched, wrote and sold stories to the national press, I was subsequently invited to join the Features department at the Bristol Evening Post. Here my inquisitive nature found a home and I developed my passion for creating content with a specific editorial tone while crafting my own writing aesthetic.

Moving into magazine production, I joined the publishing world and then became Head of Editorial for a start-up research communications company, playing a key role over the next six years in growing the business to a sizeable SME while managing an Editorial team of up to 20. In this role I was responsible for overall production of weekly 120 page international science and technology magazines, along with a suite of dissemination services for the research sector, leading the transformation to a digital-first model.

My versatile skillset has extended to devising and leading focus groups, developing large-scale creative collaborations, and producing multi-channel outputs to promote conferences - from event collateral, magazine previews and social media coverage to round-ups of the many contra deal media partnerships I have secured in previous roles.

Above all I believe that effective working partnerships are underpinned by strong and positive relationships, and I am very keen to put faces to names wherever possible. I hope this has piqued your interest and I look forward to hearing from you if you have an opportunity you'd like to discuss.


get in touch

I am always keen to expand my network of collaborators and colleagues in editorial, design and creative agencies. If you think we might be able to work together, do get in touch; I'd love to hear from you. And please visit my website - yesdefinitely.co.uk - to find out more about the services I offer, some of the previous projects I have worked on, and what colleagues and clients have said about me.

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