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Publishing / Press / Media, Print / Production Management, Advertising

Arkbound is a Bristol publisher that  aims to promote social inclusion, community development, environmental sustainability and artistic talent. We publish books and magazines, providing a range of services to aspiring writers, journalists and artists - as well as local businesses and community groups. These include:













  • Editing, proofreading, copyediting, ebook formatting, reviews, cover design, distribution (digital and print) and promotion.

  • An annual competition and literary award.

  • Graphic design and content for magazines (we produce Boundless magazine and co-produce Vocalise magazine in Bristol alone).

  • Journalism training, including an expanding cross-regional editor network.

  • Bespoke digital marketing, content management and advertising options.

  • Creative digital experimentation (TOR, Digital Security and Encryption Consultancy, Augmented Reality, New Artistic Mediums).


































































Boundless magazine

Arkbound published Boundless in October 2015. The magazine features a range of pieces from different contributors, including community groups, talented local artists and writers, along with exciting features on subjects that were previously unknown! The focus is on sustainable living, social inclusion, and supporting community development. 

Boundless is available for distribution to the homeless and unemployed at half price, so as to enable them to make an income. Copies are also available from other 250 venues across Bristol (libraries, community centres, cafes, pubs, shops, etc). 


Competitions and Awards

Arkbound is proud to be a creative social enterprises that is willing to try out new ideas and concepts. In 2015 we launched the first Annual Arkbound Competition, which had three categories open to writers, artists and journalists. 

We have also launched a new literary award that has a firm focus on encouraging disadvantaged authors and rewarding works of social value. Further information can be found on our website.


Publishing services

Arkbound bridges the gap between contemporary and 'vanity' publishers by offering fully sponsored publication to disadvantaged authors, or alternatively a range of services and discounted packages to those who can afford to self-publish. We consider ourselves to be the best value publisher in Bristol and have such confidence in our services that, were you to find a better deal elsewhere, we would give you an instant refund!


Regional Editors Network

Ever thought about owning your own magazine? Well, with Arkbound, we can make it possible. Furthermore, it's free! 

We want to create a new model of ethical, community-led journalism, where individuals and communities are able to diligently produce magazines of relevance to their area. Arkbound provides the resources and support for this to happen.

So far, we have 6 magazines in the UK. Some are based solely online, others - like Boundless - can be bought on the streets. Each Regional Editor can choose to be mentored and connected with people across the world, so as to exchange ideas and stregnthen cultural links.


Creative experimentation

With a booming digital market, new creative avenues are emerging. From TOR and digital currencies to Augmented Reality software and pioneering applications, Arkbound is always exploring ways to engage new audiences whilst bridging contemporary divides. With us, the future truly is boundless!

Key People

Christina Freeth Graphic designer

Kate Bishop Coeditor and Outreach Officer

Steve Mcnought MD

Sam Wainwright Publishing assistant

Key Skills

  • publishing
  • editing
  • proofreading
  • journalism
  • book promotion
  • printing
  • media training
  • community magazines
  • marketing
  • advertising
  • digital arts and creativity

Key Clients

  • Outsidein
  • Princes Trust
  • Creative Youth Network
  • Business West
  • University of Bristol
  • Synflux
  • University of Bristol
  • Crisis
  • Earth Journalists Network
  • Arc Communications
  • Emmaus
  • Boundless Futures Cic
  • Bertrams
  • Gardner
  • Bookvault
  • Isubscribe
  • Price Waterhouse Cooper


Backfields House



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