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Spike Design - Bristol Media

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Spike Design

Design, Design

Spike Design is a co-working space for Designers. We provide desk space and business support for start-up creative businesses.
A studio for creative businesses - based within the acclaimed contemporary arts centre, Spike Island - offers a highly creative business environment in an open-plan studio with a nurturing and stimulating culture. In addition to space for businesses of up to four people, Spike Design also provides independent business advice to support your creative and operational needs; signposting to training events and networking opportunities; and a great place to work. If you're a designer, design consultant, architect, writer, filmmaker, or if you work in fashion, marketing or photography, Spike Design will give you the facilities and culture you need to build a great business.

Key People

Rachel Falber Spike Design assistant

Jane MacFarlane Administrator

Jane MacFarlane joined Spike Island as Administrator of Spike Design in November 2010. Jane looks after the day-to-day issues for tenants in Spike Design and organises events, bookings and regular tenants breakfast meetings

Key Skills

  • business support
  • web
  • design
  • media


133 Cumberland Road



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