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Hurricane Media UK Ltd

TV / Film / Video, Advertising, Animation/VFX

Experts in video marketing strategy, video production and content marketing for agencies and brands.


Video production company and content marketing agency With our experience in both broadcast television production and corporate video, Hurricane Media is the perfect team to take your project from brief to browser. We create high end videos, animations and 3D graphics and know how to make them work online, on DVD or at an event. We are focused on delivering creative solutions both for agencies and direct clients. Our vast experience includes, virals, event films and corporate communications for a huge range of clients. We also specialise in video and motion graphics for the events and experiential area. We can turn things around fast and are always focused on delivering cost effectiveness. For more info about any of our services email: jon@hurricanemedia.co.uk


Haynes - Tiff Needell Launch

A punchy, tongue in cheek sales and promotional video for Tiff Needells autobiography "Tiff Gear" (Haynes publishers). We filmed with Tiff Needell at Thruxton race course which was a great experience - 140mph in a BMW M3 was not something to forget. The film was created through Bristol based Spirit PR and designed for use on digital signage at POP (Point of Purchase) within book stores. A second version was also cut to be used on Amazon next to the listings of the books and a longer version is now hosted on the Haynes website. Videos in the retail environment are becoming increasingly common and making messages stand out from the crown is more important than ever. Working with a presenter like Tiff gave us a great opportunity to allow his personality to come across in the film and engage with potential readers. Point of sale / point of purchase videos such as this can be shown on any type of instore screens and multimedia systems from small LCD's to large digital displays.

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World Future Energy Summit

Each year Abu Dhabi plays host to WFES when the worlds leaders and top scientists come to discuss climate change and the future of energy supplies. We've made a range of films for the event including marketing films and overnight edits of speeches to be shown the following morning on plasma screens all around the event.


Card Ease Mobile

Online animated video to explain new mobile payment collection solution Card Ease Mobile. Hurricane Media client Credit Call came to us with the problem of how to communicate their new solution in a simple and easy to understand way, that would appeal to their entire target audience. Together we devised this straightforward no nonsense animation to fit with the simplicity and reliability of the system. The video features on the Card Ease Mobile homepage as well as part of an ongoing online and event based marketing campaign.

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HTC Hero and Touch HD

We've made a number of films for major mobile manufacturer HTC. Including a highly polished 3D animation of the Hero phone. We've also done a digital signage campaign for them that ran right across the London transport system. This was the first campaign to run different videos on multiple screens to build up a sophisticated animation of the phone.


Puma Golf

Puma wanted a video to run alongside the launch of their new range of golf clothing, The brief was simple, catch the essence of this punky brand and create a fresh and engaging film


Peugeot RCZ

Promotional film for Peugeot's new hot hatch. We let internationally renowned light artist Michael Bosanko loose on the RCZ and he created a fantastic image using a long exposure and a bunch of torches. We shot the whole process in high def and the results look great.


Who's Lenny - See No Evil

'Who's Lenny?' is a documentary short looking at the Nelson Street art project 'See No Evil' and exploring street arts global explosion. The event saw 72 artists converge on Bristol to transform the drab city centre street into an internationally recognised outdoor art installation. The film, created for Bristol City Council, features interviews with the artists, organisers and members of the council to look at how the project came about. It also examines Bristol's wider involvement in the street art movement. We used a number of filming techniques including time lapse sequences, cable dollys and pole cams with the film was primarily shot on Canon 5D's. It was a fantastic project to be involved in and our thanks go out to everybody that made it possible, we truly hope you enjoy the film.

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International serviced apartment company SACO asked us to make them three promotional videos. Shot in their Manchester apartments with actors playing the parts of visitors these films have been sent out to thousands via web links.


Hurricane Media blog

Omniscreening and the death of brand narrative sounds rather grand ... but grabbing the opportunities of video on multi-screens could mean all the difference to your business. How can you increase brand awareness, engagement and sales by telling stories on multiple channels? Read on to discover out how to get better results in world of multiple video channels. Follow our blog for more video marketing tips and insights...

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An internal communications film for ASDA . Hand drawn animation with great sound effects and clear voice over communicate the ASDA share save plan to all employees.

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Pagwag viral for Barclaycard

Barclaycard has launched PayWag, the first contactless payment device for dogs. Really? We were approached by Barclaycard's digital agency Dare to create an April Fools' spoof video about #PayWag, an NFC chip embedded in a collar that enables dogs to make purchases. This viral video campaign was an effective approach. By early on April 1st, the video had quickly gained over 20,000 views. The results were impressive on social media too. The video racked up 717 'Likes' on the Barclaycard Facebook page every hour on the first day of release, quickly becoming the most popular 'Dog Video' on this social channel.

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Astrium Services briefed us to reposition their brand. We created and managed a video marketing campaign that used an emotionally engaging film to cut through in a technology driven market place. We also helped them with a digital PR campaign conveying the brand and its core services to a specialist audience. Astrium Services has a wide ranging portfolio based on very high resolution satellite imagery. The marketplace is filled with imagery of satellites, technical specifications and detailed products, and our concept moved this on to find an emotional connection, which would resonate with the audience. Whilst representing satellite data visually was important, we felt that this brand needed to reposition itself by telling another story. To do this we combined emotive imagery with powerful on screen text and used specially composed music to bring it all together.

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Key People

Jon Mowat MD

Jon delivers video strategies that improve brand awareness and create loyal brand advocates. His storytelling skills, which are grounded in 10 years of experience at the BBC, are now put to use telling brand stories as MD of Hurricane Media. Hurricane is an award-winning video production and video marketing company creating effective video campaigns. His main role is now guiding brands to effective video marketing strategies and leading the Hurricane team in delivering powerful video content.

John Lanyon Creative Director

Former Endemol producer John has a mass of experience in making and producing high end projects. A highly creative individual John is responsible for the creative output of Hurricane and manages projects on a day to day basis.

Dawn Drower Financial Director

A highly experienced FD, Dawn keeps the Hurricane ship running smoothly and gives incisive business leadership.

Claire Mc Grath Production Manager

Claire keeps the whole ship sailing smoothly and forms the main point of contact between clients and the studio once production is under way. She has a wide range of skills including budgeting, account management and scheduling.

Key Skills

  • video
  • production company
  • 3d motion graphics
  • animation
  • crew
  • corporate
  • commercials
  • virals
  • content marketing
  • advertising
  • video marketing

Key Clients

  • Asda
  • Alcatel
  • Astrium
  • Axa
  • Balfour Beatty
  • Britvic
  • Bristol Zoo
  • Bmw
  • Canon
  • Creditcall
  • Heineken
  • Hermes
  • Htc
  • Kraft
  • Jisc
  • Michellin
  • Microsoft
  • Nfl
  • Panasonic
  • Peugeot
  • Puma
  • Saco
  • Soil Association
  • Trident
  • Virgin Media


Zone 1, Bath Road Studios,



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