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Graphic Design, Branding, Design

Reach are packaging design partners for pan-European brands and bright startups. We help you bring unique products into the world and to breathe new life into old favourites.

Led by packaging brand strategist Caroline Hagen, Reach is a team of talented and highly experienced self-employed collaborators working together to revolutionise the way branding and packaging design gets done. It’s a more strategic approach, and a more flexible and democratic way of working, and it leads to truly impactful results.

We work with food and drink, beauty, pharma and scientific innovators – both established names and ambitious startups –  responsible for bringing new products to market or rebranding existing ones for new target audiences. Mission critical projects, where the stakes and risks are high excite us. Also products, and brands whose values match our own find a home at Reach. We’re big believers that business can be a force for good, and have shaped our business so we can help people at the start of their entrepreneurial journey to change the world.

Our clients are under pressure to turn an idea into reality. They want their product to shine from the shelves and generate more sales, more conversations, more love, more profit and to become part of everyday life for their consumers.

We help them to crystallise their ideas and their objectives, to create packaging design that embodies their brand, and visually jumps out to consumers on shelf.


Bronchostop Cough Medicine

Bronchostop, a pharmacy packaging design project that?s as revolutionary in the category as the product is to consumers. The results speak volumes...

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Riding the wave. Helping a family business give their innovative product the key trend high ground.

Taka Turmeric is a small family tea business with a big vision. The brand was created in Cape Town, and the family wanted to establish it in the UK market. With interest in turmeric soaring right now, Taka Turmeric is a product whose time to shine has come. Reach have rebranded the product for a UK audience, and given the team advice to help them take the product and business to the next level.

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Bringing Fair Trade credentials to life for Bristol heroes BE

The Bristol-based Natural Beverage Company needed a brand that would plug the market gap between low-priced everyday fruit juice drinks ? that are increasingly perceived as unhealthy ? and the premium-priced, often organic, pure juices. Reach rose to the challenge, creating a brand and packaging for juicy drinks BE.

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Packaging design for a new range of organic gardening products selling across Europe.

Reach was engaged to work on a new strategy, and to redesign the brand and packaging for SBM Life Science's 'Solabiol' pan-European range of natural organic gardening products, now being successfully sold in 6 countries.

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Key People

Caroline Hagen Founder Managing Director

Caroline loves working with Marketing and Managing Directors to facilitate the decisions to be made that enable the creation of packaging design that sells. She understands how to get to the heart of a brand, how its packaging needs to adapt to best reflect its competitive edge in its marketplace and how best to guide designers to keep the brief...

Key Skills

  • packaging
  • branding

Key Clients

  • Perrigo Belgium
  • Sbm Life Sciences Lyon
  • Zaluvida Geneva
  • Taka Health Bristol


15 Cotham Vale



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