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Noisy Little Monkey

Digital / Mobile, Marketing

Noisy Little Monkey is the digital marketing agency that drives genuine business growth through Search, Social and Inbound Marketing. Bristol based – they’re famous for making profit fun.

Experts in growing website traffic, generating qualified leads and nurturing them through to close, Noisy Little Monkey is the marketing agency that’s focused on your bottom. Line.





Key People

Jon Payne Technical Director

Jon Payne is the founder and Technical Director of Noisy Little Monkey.  His career in sales and marketing started way back in in the early 90s and has since moved into the online world with the last 10 years focussing on Search and Social Marketing. In addition to running the technical side of Noisy Little Monkey, Jon gives entertaining and informative talks across Bristol, Bath & the South West on how to successfully market your business online.  

Nicola Payne Managing Director

Nicola joined Noisy Little Monkey in 2010 with the challenge of applying her organisational skills to refine Jon’s business processes in order to create some structure around the chaos. Nic brings years of management and marketing experience to Noisy Little Monkey and ensures the team behind the work deliver to the highest standard. She has inhuman capabilities when it comes to analysing data, ensuring clients are on track with their targets and measurement processes are continually being tweaked. Generally, Nic runs the show but lets Jon think he does.

Natasha Baldwin Creative Director

Natasha is creative lead, head of social media and general creative enigma at Noisy Little Monkey. Often described as “the picture gal”, Natasha puts her Media Arts degree to good use by getting creative on Photoshop or taking pictures of cakes. From content and visual creations to social sharing and campaigns, Natasha will be there putting her creative stamp wherever needed.

Steven Mitchell Universal Search Expert

Ste brings his obsession with search terms and excel spreadsheets to the Noisy Little Monkey mix, shining the light on charlatans in the SEO industry and ensuring best practice is applied to all client projects. His determination to succeed is infectious and his large selection of band t-shirts is the envy of metal heads everywhere.

Josh Baldwin Local & Mobile Search Expert

Josh is a mobile guru and his priority is to ensure stellar mobile and local visibility across all client sites. His knowledge of random facts & trivia rivals that of an online encyclopaedia and when creating and crafting ideas for online campaigns, Josh is the king of creativity (and also puns). He can also grow a full blown Captain Birdseye beard in well under a fortnight.


Loft 5, Tobacco Factory, Raleigh Road



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