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Animation/VFX, VR, Motion Graphics

Incredible digital content helps you build stronger relationships with your audience and showcase your products and services in ways you never thought possible.

Our technical artists and developers from the film, game and events industries specialise in beautiful 3D animation, mesmerising motion graphics and immersive virtual reality experiences. Everything you need to capture and keep attention.

We work with brands and agencies in Bristol and nationally, and never stop testing exciting new tech, creative tools and ways of working smarter. You can even come over to our studio and experience VR for yourself – email hello@nymbl.com and we’ll sort it.

See some of our work: www.nymbl.com

If it moves, we can do it:

  • 3D animation
  • Interactive content
  • Visual effects and post-production
  • Virtual Reality design and development
  • Augmented Reality design and development
  • Interactive (real time) and rendered 3D content
  • Holograms and holographic displays
  • 360º video production
  • Motion capture
  • 2D animation / motion graphics

Vimeo: www.vimeo.com/nymbl


Coffee & VR

Virtual Reality is all about the experience, so we want you to come and see just how incredible it can be! Try out spectacular real-time and 360 VR using the latest top end headsets at our weekly VR taster sessions. You'll have the opportunity to find out how VR can enhance your marketing strategy and learn more about the development process. Book here (www.nymbl.com/vr) or give us a ring on 01179 250184

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Linx Vision (Exertis)

A 3d animated video was created for the Linx Vision: a powerful custom tablet with a multi purpose design. Using a number of techniques, the final video used motion capture and particle systems to achieve the polished look we were going for. The video was part of a wider marketing campaign for Linx, establishing itself as the best-selling Windows based tablet in the UK. Exertis has been named Microsoft's OEM Device Partner of the Year 2016 for their Linx tablets.

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RBS Bloomberg TV ad

We dynamically generated and animated the RBS 'cube' theme for Bloomberg TV. Success of run resulted in several incarnations of the theme, and re application of the 3d work.

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Madcatz Microsoft Promos

Concept through to delivery of 2 promotional videos for the launch of the New Microsoft branded Madcatz peripherals. Slick, and aggressive - in line with the product launch and marketing campaign.

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Key People

Dan Barker Technical Director

Sama Talie Alyasiri Client Services

Key Skills

  • 3d animation
  • interactive media
  • visual effects
  • virtual reality
  • augmented reality
  • holographic displays
  • 360 production
  • motion graphics
  • 2d animation
  • cgi
  • cad
  • engineering
  • medical and scientific
  • product visualisation


52 Park Street



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