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The Travel Foundation

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We are a charity that works in partnership with leading tourism organisations in popular holiday destinations around the world. We design and deliver sustainable tourism initiatives and research programmes to enable businesses, governments and communities to maximise the benefits and minimise the negative impacts of tourism.


Founded in 2003, the Travel Foundation is the travel industry's own charity, set up to respond to concerns over the sustainability of travel and tourism. We are a UK charity which helps the travel industry understand, manage and take effective action on sustainable tourism. We exist to protect and enhance the environment and improve the well-being of destination communities, as well as the holiday experience for visitors. Developed in collaboration with UK government and leading travel companies, we are: - the central point of contact for, and leading authority on, developing and promoting sustainable tourism within the UK and at mainstream destinations worldwide - an essential resource of tools, guidelines and training to help companies take effective action integrating sustainability into every aspect of their business - a unique and expert resource helping to set priorities and establish best practice Since conception, we have a full programme of activities, with projects in sixteen overseas destinations, as well as a full provision of tools to green your business and other support to help the travel industry to take effective action on all things green.

Key Skills

  • charity
  • sustainable tourism
  • travel
  • green
  • responsible tourism
  • ethical tourism
  • livelihoods
  • environment
  • travel industry


CREATE Centre, Smeaton Road



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