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Tonic Creative Business Partners

Business Consultant/Coach/Mentor

Welcome to Tonic.

The business consultancy to add clarity, confidence and colour to your ambition.

It isn’t easy to get started, to maintain growth, to stay relevant, to become more profitable or change radically. As a leader you’ll often need more clarity, more expertise and more confidence to make the right decisions and make things happen at the right time. But getting the right kind of advice and support is often the hardest part. We’ll make it easy by adding our collective knowledge and specialist expertise to help you realise your full potential and value. We’ll be the refreshing addition to your business. 

Our clients are independent, owner managed businesses in branding, communications, innovation, pr, research and technology. Pre-revenue start-ups to 100m revenue. Those wanting to achieve something different or get unstuck. Ambitious managers looking for business and personal growth and those looking to exit. People with the talent and commitment to achieve something significant.


Essential guidance for agencies, 31.05.20

It continues to be a challenging time - but we're here to help agencies move forward with clarity, confidence and an optimism for the future. In this edition we challenge you to think about your strategy for winning in the future, about raising your game as a leader and about the role of values in uniting your business. We hope these perspectives will guide your own thinking and help shape your plans.

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Essential guidance for agencies, 21.04.20

It continues to be a challenging time for many - but we're here to help. In this edition we've shared some perspectives and pointers on leadership, roles and content to help you get ahead. We hope these will guide your own thinking and help shape your plans. But if you?d like to talk more about any of your own specific issues, we?re available and more than happy to talk.

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Essential guidance for agencies, 07.04.20

It continues to be an uncertain and worrying time for many - but we're always here to help if we can. In this edition we've shared some perspectives on business development and prompted you to take action in two areas to help you get ahead. We hope these points will guide your own thinking and help shape your plans and actions. But if you'd like to talk more about any of your own specific issues, we're here.

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Essential guidance for agencies, 26.03.20

We know it's not an easy time for anyone, but we're here to help if we can. We've covered four important issues here - prioritisation and agility, remote working, business tracking and client relationships. We hope these points will guide your own thinking and give you confidence about your plans and actions. But if you'd like to talk more about any of your own issues, we're available. No commitment required. 

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Getting culture fit

More employees than ever are suffering at the hands of a negative culture. This is bad for business and bad for our collective health. But it doesn't have to be that way and making sure your culture is in good health can have a transformative effect on the strength and value of your business. Because when people are happier, they are investing themselves and their talent in driving your business forward.

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Developing long-term client relationships - the key to business success

Some agencies are fortunate enough to have long-term clients but very few do the best job in building deep relationships. Most are overly focused on getting new clients through the door. But what about the clients you already have? Have you spent time leveraging the relationships to maximum effect? Do you really know your clients? business inside out? What issues are they facing and how can you help to address these and add value over and above individual projects?

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Growth - why is it so hard?

Whenever we ask leaders of creative businesses about their future plans, they almost always talk about growth. Whether it's about their revenue, number of offices, headcount or profitability - it doesn't really matter, because while growth is easy to talk about - it is rarely achieved. Managing creative businesses is complicated in itself, but consistently achieving growth is a very different challenge altogether.

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Profile and content for growth - are you missing out?

Most businesses want to build their reputation and grow. Agencies are no different. A powerful profile, high awareness and strong connections can be the foundation for winning, retaining and developing clients. But only if you know how. There are many different techniques and channels available to you, but with limited budgets, time and resource, how should you focus your efforts to ensure you achieve the profile and pipeline you desire?

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Creating a winning agency. Getting ahead and staying ahead in 2020.

As a senior agency leader, you're likely to have defined ambitious goals for 2020. But like many, you may already be finding that your good intentions are being challenged by day-to-day pressures. Over breakfast, we will be sharing views on what winning looks like, how to deliver top performance standards and how to attack the barriers that get in the way of sustainable business success. Join us for hands on advice on real challenges covering growth, profitability, culture and leadership.

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Key People

Jill Marshall Partner

Jill is a marketing, branding and design specialist with client- side insight from her time at Nestlé and agency know-how from roles at a number of leading agencies. As CEO and MD, Jill has led and grown two of London’s leading agencies with a focus on maximising the potential of existing clients to drive sustained revenue growth and profit. As a natural leader, there’s nothing she likes better than process optimisation, talent management and mentoring to get the best out of the business and the people.

Kerry O'Connor Partner

Kerry is a true specialist; she’s proved she can add to the marketing and growth of any creative minded organisation. With an astute understanding of audience, content and channel, she’s been behind many business successes. Strategy, engaging leaders, managing teams and delivering campaigns for global agencies and product-based companies - nothing has daunted her positive spirit. 

Ian Farnfield Partner

As a CEO, Ian has grown two major international agencies from small national businesses. He’s also driven the success of more than a dozen start-ups and worked for one of the world’s largest business consultancies. His input has brought clarity, inspiration and financial prosperity to countless businesses and individuals around the world.

Liana Dinghile Partner

As leader, manager and consultant Liana has built strong businesses and positive work cultures in some of the most successful organisations. Her empathy for leaders and their challenges creates clarity and delivers results. She brings simplicity to every challenge and is as comfortable with a blank sheet of paper as she is with a complex strategic puzzle.

Key Skills

  • ambition and strategy
  • performance and profitability
  • culture and leadership
  • profile and pipeline



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