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The Rivers Trust


Healthy rivers are essential to human life, they provide us with drinking water, they water our crops, they are home to important species of wildlife, they provide recreational spaces for our health and wellbeing. Yet, only 14% of rivers are at good ecological status and have been declining over recent years.

The Rivers Trust is the umbrella organisation for 60 local member Trusts, we are the only group of environmental charities in the UK and Ireland, dedicated to protecting and improving river environments for the benefit of people and wildlife.

We are proud members of Blueprint for WaterWildlife and Countryside Link and are administrators of the Catchment Based Approach.

We need more support to take vital action in protecting and improving rivers across the UK and Ireland for future generations. Join the fight against pollution, plastic and climate change, and help make rivers fit for people and wildlife. Rise Up For Rivers.

Key People

Anneka France GIS Analyst

Jayne Mann Marketing and Communications Manager


Raincharm House

Stoke Climsland


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