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Business Services, Planning/Strategy, Research & Planning Insight


We’re Data3 - the data lab.

We use data analytics to help businesses to make and save money.

In short, we build dashboards. And super awesome, easy-to-use data tools.

We work with companies that want more insight into their business or customers but don’t have:

  • The right data skills
  • Enough time in the day
  • Enough money to hire full-time staff

Our solution is to fast-track data projects, upskill data teams and build data products and tools quickly and effectively. Like a marketing agency but a data agency.

We give you access to the latest data areas - AI, big data, machine learning, predictive analytics.

Think of us like your data SWAT team – a band of consultants, analysers and visualisers that turn your data into stories and dashboards and help your business to grow.

Want to know more? Let us show you examples of our work for businesses like AXA, Barclays, V Cars, SITU, Bounty, Wriggle and many more.

Key People

Helen Tanner CEO

I’m Hels. I set up Data3 in 2017 and I’ve loved working with our big and small clients ever since. Born in the corporate world, I’ve worked at a senior level for some big global businesses. With a career spanning oceanography, meteorology, wealth management, insurance & equity, I’m not your usual data-driven marketer

Amanda Kite Data Insight

I’m Amanda, I joined Data3 because I’m passionate about companies using insight from data to inform strategic decisions. I have many years experience in data and insight. I love to take complex data sets from multiple sources and covert them into visualisations and metrics that are nice to look at, easy to understand and above all actionable!

Mark Horner Data Analyst

I’m Mark and I also joined Data3 in 2018. Having worked with the fun and brilliant team at Data3 previously in the corporate world, the offer to join up was an opportunity I couldn’t say no to. I love all things data – analysis, segmentation, prediction, visualisation, plus blockchain and cryptocurrency. So I lead our data analytics work

Elizabeth Martin Data Storyteller

I’m Elizabeth, a data explorer and visualiser. I use interactive visualisation and analysis to unlock data, helping clients to distil their true business drivers to their essence, so they can make more informed strategic data-driven decisions. I have a background in maths and business, and have helped clients get value from their data across a variety of industries

Sarah Lake Communications

I’m Sarah, a Communications Consultant at Data³. I started my career in market research, so I have a soft spot for data and what it can tell us. Much of my 10+ year career has been in financial services, which means I’m a dab hand at turning complicated information into something that’s engaging and easy to understand

Key Skills

  • dashboards
  • data analytics
  • data visualisation
  • ai
  • machine learning
  • predictive analytics
  • blockchain

Key Clients

  • Axa
  • Barclays
  • V Cars
  • Situ
  • Wriggle
  • Bounty
  • Business West
  • Caboodle
  • Greenroom


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