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The Right Lines


The right words. The right pace. The right length. The right response.

Clever Copy is all about making the right choices.

I love the written word; the patterns you can make with language; the stories you can tell and the feelings you can evoke when something is well written.

Everyone can write, but creating good Copy is a skill. It’s not just about using the right words, it’s about the pace of the language, the length of the piece and the response it triggers.

Many Copywriters will tell you they can work to any brief and adjust their style accordingly. I don’t entirely agree. I believe every decent Copywriter has their own unique writing ‘voice’ and it’s important you like that before you book them. My ‘voice’ won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. So, if you’re looking for a fairly corporate brochure, that’s probably not me.

That’s not to say I won’t take your brief seriously. I think there’s a huge opportunity to make any business more personal, without compromising being professional. As you’ll see from my portfolio and my range of Greetings Cards, I tend to use a conversational and sometimes playful tone. I believe this absolutely works across many platforms and industries. We are all human beings after all and it’s refreshing to read something that sounds like it’s been written by one and not by a robot.

But if you don’t agree with that, I’d probably be closing the page now and going to make a cuppa. No hard feelings.

Key People

Lindsay Randall Owner

I’ve always written stuff. When I was 8, and probably should’ve been on a rope swing somewhere, I was sitting in my bedroom writing. I had several stories read out on Radio Bristol at that age and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I went on to enter writing competitions at University and won a couple of big ones in Vogue and Cosmopolitan which meant I got to travel to London and have some posh lunches with important people, and for the first time see my name printed in a magazine. After I had children, I left my ‘proper’ job so I could enjoy staying at home being splattered in puree and clapping to nursery rhymes, but I kept writing – to feed my creative brain. Now that my youngest of 3 has started school, I am rewarded with a little more time and a lot more headspace which I’m happy to be able to spend Copywriting. If you like what you’ve read and would enjoy seeing what I could write for you, please get in touch

Key Skills

  • copywriting
  • storytelling
  • tone of voice

Work location

  • Can work from home
  • Eligible to work in the UK
  • Full UK driving licence

Further information

  • Daily rate: £350.00 - £500.00

  • Education level: Masters Degree


Florence Park



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