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Luna 9

Graphic Design, Illustration, Design

We are Luna 9 — an information design agency based in Bristol. We work with extraordinary people to share their big ideas.

Through intelligent design and creativity we improve the way information is presented, shared and experienced. We make information matter.


The UK Energy Landscape

We decided to build an interactive document to look at the various ways that the UK gets its energy. It?s a broad subject with an elaborate system of connecting parts, but the majority of people understandably only have a top-level knowledge of what powers the technology that we all rely on. Using the layered hierarchy of an interactive document we sought to guide the reader through the process and shed some light on a subject that is more relevant now...

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How Blood Saves Lives

Using NHS data from the Blood.co.uk website we created an infographic that aimed to demystify the process of blood donation. It's a fascinating and complex sequence of steps that prepares each donation for use in hospitals around the country. By using a one-page infographic we aimed to take reader on a journey through the process and encourage awareness of this crucial issue.

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Dyson Hair Science

We produced a series of animations that explained the science behind hair. By combining Dyson?s existing technical drawing style with some amazing facts about hair we produced a set of three films that have garnered over 23,000 views on Instagram.

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UK Imports & Exports

We redesigned a recent government reports as an interactive document, incorporating infographics that the reader can roller over to discover more detail. By making a linear document based off a menu page we enabled the audience to delve deeper into the subjects that mattered to them, while keeping the narrative of the original document intact. Our version, which features all of the same information, shows how much more effective information can be when presented in a more considered way.

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We love space. So, we set ourselves a brief to run alongside our other projects that gave us a chance to turn our passion for the interstellar exploration into something beautifully crafted. By meticulously researching and illustrating the designs we hoped to produce a project that did justice to the leaps in technological innovation that we find so inspiring. We set about designing a collection of postcards that gives a brief history of some of the most notable man-made satellites...

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Our technical illustration expertise perfectly aligns with Dyson?s existing drawing style and, working in partnership with team members varying from web designers to engineers, this has enabled us to contribute to their impressive creative output. Working alongside Dyson?s in-house Imagery team, we have provided illustrations for events, retail spaces and customer literature for their markets across the globe.

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Key Skills

  • infographics
  • illustration
  • interactive documents
  • film & animation
  • annual reports
  • presentation design
  • editorial
  • technical illustrations
  • social media content
  • exhibition design
  • event design
  • information design
  • data viz
  • campaigns
  • environmental

Key Clients

  • Nhs England
  • Dyson
  • Virgin Trains
  • Pitchbook
  • Gutsy Media
  • Conciliation Resources
  • Lighting Up Learning


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