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John Doré

Marketing, Media Planning & Buying, Planning/Strategy

I have recently left my board level Managing Director role in a London communications agency  after 20+ years working across full service and media agencies to set up a portfolio career advising companies and leading key media and marketing projects across the south west. I have led large integrated & diverse teams working with global brands such as Nissan-Infiniti, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Carlsberg Group, Intel, Cisco, Sony Ericsson & LEGO as a time of great transformation in the industry.

This has given me a unique view of how large marketing and agency teams operate, what drives them and what they require from their partners especially in the new world we live in where scale and clout count less than agility and innovation, and always being customer centric. As technology and automation increases its impact on the advertising and media function, its still left to the human touch to bring insight, creativity and action.

My new portfolio career is made up of three passions; Im a partner with a content production company creating new franchises around hackathons and personal health formats whilst also developng a new beverage start up.  My third passion is helping agencies and companies drive business growth through  leveraging my leadership, skills & experience across three needs:

1. Team leadership and transition
Do you have a new client or agency that you need transitioning or have a short term senior resource gap? I can help lead your teams during this crucial period enabling a smooth transition or hand over & ensure you de-risk the potential pit falls with your new client & agency. I have extensive experience of doing this across multiple markets, disciplines & teams.

2. Pitch leadership and consulting. 
A large part of my time working in agencies was taken up with leading pitches. I have led a number of global pitches, attended pitch training courses and presented pitch best practise at the IAA. I also collaborated with some fantastic people to deliver pitch winning strategies & strong commercial  contracts.  I can lead, act as an independent advisor or just coach & support your teams through the process to help deliver a winning pitch & deliver a post pitch report for future learnings. 

3. Project Leadership and delivery
Do you struggle to deliver internal initiatives and projects given the strain on resource?  I can help lead these projects, make them happen & get them actioned within the organisation. I have experience of being part of & leading a number of internal projects whether driving company culture initiatives, coaching or mentoring the next generation of leaders or helping to align objectives, products & people within an organisation.

I would love to hear from you and see where we can collaborate!

Work location

  • Can work from home
  • Eligible to work in the UK
  • Full UK driving licence

Further information

  • Daily rate: £800.00 - £1200.00

  • Education level: College



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