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Molly Rumbelow

Copywriting, Marketing, Planning/Strategy

Since starting in Financial Services at 18, I have racked up a decade’s worth of experience working within various departments including Finance, Digital and Marketing. 

And whilst I have always been impressed with the sheer dedication to the customer than the companies I have worked in promote, I have been dismayed at how that translates to the way we’ve communicated with them.

And I don’t just mean the nice stuff - the big billboard adverts, the beautifully art directed adverts. I mean the nitty gritty stuff, the hard ‘we are going to repossess your house’ stuff. 

So I’m working with businesses, large and small - to stop the culture of ‘debits’ ‘credits’ and ‘remedial action’, and start a culture of ‘how are you?’ ‘please’ and ‘thank you’

Any content, any channel, any size. I want to help your business go from cold to compassionate.

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