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Christophe Stourton

Business Consultant/Coach/Mentor

Business Coaching and Experiential Learning with Horses

I coach project-based, creative small businesses looking to grow and develop long-term value alongside their successful project work. 

I’ve founded and managed creative businesses in corporate communications, film, video and publishing over the last 20 years and know the special challenges that project based businesses face.

If you want to grow and develop your business, and are genuinely prepared to change and make it happen:

  • Let’s develop a vision for the future beyond your next project.
  • Let’s plan to do what you’ve always wanted your business to be.
  • Let’s find your voice to make it heard.
  • Let’s embed the changes you want to make through Experiential Learning with Horses.

Why horses?

If you write it down, but don’t “live” it, it wasn’t worth writing it down in the first place.

Experiential Learning and Coaching with Horses (aka “Horsenticity”) facilitates the transformation of the words that are used to describe change (statements about: values, behaviours, culture, mission, vision and purpose etc.), into authentically “lived behaviours and states”.

To get the full benefit; be your change and know when you really mean it.




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