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Emma Collins - Bristol Media

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Emma Collins

Business Consultant/Coach/Mentor

Specialist areas 

Conscious Leadership, Culture & Team development, Conscious communication, Creative Confidence, Positive Psychology and Meaning at work.


12 years as an independent consultant, coach and tranier in the Creative Industries. DBA expert. Established start-up incuabtor Spike Design. Previously MD at award-winning Bristol agency Home, Chair of West of England Design Forum, Workshop Associate Design Council.


Clients include

BBC UX&D, Design Enterprise Ireland, Design Flanders, Gensler Architects, DBA, Mytton Williams, Ready, Touchpoint, Proctor & Stevenson, Home, Elmwood. 


"Emma is not afraid to ask those difficult and sometimes challenging questions - she helps you to move forward"

Jonathan Sands OBE, Chairman, Elmwood
















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