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Emma Collins

Business Consultant/Coach/Mentor

Hello and welcome to a few words that I hope will give you a flavour of me!

I've had a varied work life, I started at the Wardour St branch of Nat West Bank at 18 years old and was soon bored out of my brain with the monotony of standing orders and inappropriately looking up famous clients bank balances! I know, I was young! Somehow, my inner radar steadily moved me in the right direction towards the creative industries working with my kind of people. Over the past thirty years my experience, including a number of marketing and management roles, setting up an award winning cafe and as MD at the design agency Home, has given me a broad and deep understanding of leadership, organisation, communication strategy and creative cultures. 

As I have honed my skills and refined my own awareness, I have come to realise I am deeply passionate about the conscious awareness of self and how this impacts on leadership effectiveness, I am driven to help those in leadership positions gain greater clarity about their direction and their own leadership abilties and confidence. I am passionate about conscious communication and creative confidence, building effective creative cultures so that teams can thrive and flourish and businesses grow and do good work in the world. 


My website tells you a little bit more about my areas of work, but to give you a flavour I am currently working with 22 Creative Directors in UX&D at the BBC in London and Salford delivering a coaching and training programme building leadership skills and confidence in a whole range of areas. I work collaboratively and often with other colleagues in specialist areas if needed. I'm delivering a leadership training programme for 22 leaders in the UK division of a global design agency and helping a small London agency with its team dynamics and some unhelpful ingrained attitudes! 

Finally, I Iove Bristol, it's my hometown and our creative diversity continues to thrill me so it's always a pleasure to work with local creative agencies and people. 


"Emma is not afraid to ask those difficult and sometimes challenging questions - she helps you to move forward" Jonathan Sands OBE, Chairman, Elmwood




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