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Sketchnoting - bring your note taking to life!

Published on Thursday, 11th June 2020

Have you ever looked at meeting notes a few days after the event and drawn a complete blank?  All you see is a string of words that no longer seem to make sense?  If you can relate to this then sketchnoting could be key that unlocks not only better engagement in meetings, but also a comprehensive set of visual notes which enable the content to come flooding back days, weeks, months and years after the original meeting took place.

Yesterday, armed with pens and notebooks and safe in the knowledge that zero drawing ability was needed (although many were creatives so we had high hopes!), a group of Bristol Media members tuned in to Liam Williams’ Zoom Workshop: Introducing Sketchnoting to enhance visual thinking.

Some of the key take outs…

  • The visual language is the one common language that the whole world understands
  • Visual communication is at its most powerful when images and text are combined
  • The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text
  • 65% of people are visual learners
  • When we read text alone we only remember 10% of the text 3 days later.  Add in some images and we remember 65%
  • Lined paper stifles creativity and disables imagination

In this hugely enjoyable interactive workshop, we played some games which proved that many of us are on the same page as soon as we see a visual image.  We learnt the basics of sketchnoting and were putting them to good practice by the end of the session – you really do only need to be able to draw 5 simple shapes and handful of containers (when you know you know!)

"I’ve used mind-maps for years but felt I could never get really creative with my note-taking. So when the opportunity came to get a quick intro to sketch-noting with Liam Williams I leaped at the chance. In 90 minutes he provided a framework, lots of ideas, and - despite being on-line - confidence that I can start and build this skill for myself" ~ Jonathan Rees, Momoho

“It was great to deliver this workshop to such an engaged audience, participating in all activities with such enthusiasm. To see everyone showing off their new sketchnoting skills at the end of the session makes my objective complete” ~ Liam Williams

When asked for his views on the workshop, Neil Sims, CEO of Oakwood, was keen to put his new-found skills into practice!  "The sketchnoting session was really helpful, focussing on listening skills and helping simplify how we all record, creatively, key takeaways from conversations".

Liam’s going to be running a second free Sketchnoting Workshop for Bristol Media members on Thursday 2nd July, 11am – 12.30pm so, if this has piqued your interest, email to book a place. 

As Liam says, 'You'll find it useful to understand what sketchnoting is but you'll find it transformational to apply it!' | @leodo_uk