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Leveraging Your Brand To Drive Sales Summit

Published on Wednesday, 20th May 2020, contributed by Accelerate Agency
  • Mailchimp's Ade Lewis - Why Brand is Replacing Authority
  • RingCentral's Sunny Dhami - Why Customer Experience Is The New Brand Parameter
  • Magali Epin, Global Director of Brand and Content - How B2B organisations can drive profitable growth by expanding brand leverage beyond awareness
  • Nick Brown - How Using Branded Thought Leadership Content Can Drive Sales
  • Kieran Hawker - Using Your Personal Brand To Drive Sales For Your Business


With the great success of our last summit, Accelerate are proud to present our second edition. Branding is often spoken about, but how can we use it to drive sales for your business?

We will be offering hands-on advice on how to grow tech & SaaS companies, using best practice digital marketing techniques.

Our summits will cover all things digital, as well as talks from scaling and established SaaS/tech companies.

Please check out our last summit:

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