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The plight of small businesses affected by COVID-19

Published on Friday, 1st May 2020

This short film was shot and edited between the 17th and the 27th of April 2020 to highlight the plight of people who risk losing their businesses and livelihoods due to Government inaction during the Covid19 Crisis.

The Covid19 Pandemic is having a huge impact on the global economy. While the British Government have established packages to help many, millions of workers and families are being left out.

One group deeply affected is small limited companies. By failing to support the directors of some 2 million limited small companies, the government is endangering the jobs of 13 million workers.

Unfortunately the current bail out options will not save most small businesses. At present, directors of small companies are being offered loans; but getting into significant debt when they don’t know when they will be back at work, is not an option that small businesses can embrace. Directors of small limited companies have been told to furlough themselves to claim a few hundred pounds a month. However, this is not nearly enough to live on, nor it is feasible for the directors to stop working, one of the criteria of furlough. Without hours of daily work, the businesses will fold.

By failing to act appropriately, the Government will be allowing millions of hard-working people to fall through the cracks.

Failing businesses leads to unemployment.
Failing businesses leads to poverty.
Failing businesses leads to people losing their homes.

The immediate and devastating health effects of Covid19 were a total shock and largely out of their hands, but the financial effects of the pandemic are entirely determined by how Governments handle the disaster.

The Film was made by Troy TV with Loud Productions, in collaboration with #ForgottenLtd

Falling Through The Cracks by Kevin McLean

There is a joy in the building
A love in the craft
Creating something from nothing
In forging your own path

There is a reward to the struggle
A win in doing it right
In providing others a service
Passion, helping keep on the lights

But there is a weight in the freedom
A fear in the unknown
To pay into the system
And then be left all alone

There is a split in the foundation
A hole in the wall
And the patch they’ve provided
Won’t save us all from the fall

There is a stress to the balance
A strain to the holding
Of living in a house made of cards
When a storm wind is blowing

There is a bite in their promise
A sting in the tail
People left to fall
A life’s work made to fail

But there is hope for something better
A chance still to act
To save thousands of people
From falling through the cracks