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New Branding for Startups Program Launched

Published on Monday, 1st July 2019, contributed by Roger

Polleni are a design and branding agency born in Bristol in late 2017. The team formed from a collaboration between Neil Quinn and Cat and Rog How at the Pollen Place coworking studios and event space (set up by Cat and Rog). The trio worked on the rebrand and new website of the workspaces, and after a successful launch - they decided to set up shop.

Today, Polleni also work from two other cities as well as Bristol. Based at the gorgeous Second Home workspaces in Lisbon and Second Home Spitalifields in London the team are able to access the clients that they most enjoy working with: startups. 

Moving half the team to Lisbon was largely inspired by the booming startup buzz in the city. Working with startups at the beginning of their journey had an excitement and energy which Polleni found contagious. A team trip to Web Summit also threw up a problem that begged to be solved. Namely: startups lack the time, money or proper tools to build their brand. But it is precisely at this stage that a nascent brand is most in need of proper messaging, a cohesive brand identity and functioning app or website.

Polleni came up with a solution. 

Startups desperately need strong brand identities, which Polleni knew they could provide. But how could the agency get paid by people who needed their help but had no money? Much like these startups, Polleni thought about disruptive ways of innovating within the design world itself - #brandtech.

Polleni have developed a semi-automated branding process for startups, that allows them to focus purely on the only non-automitable process in the chain… creativity. By streamlining their on-boarding and research process, and designing visuals into a digitally responsive brand system, a startups website and brand are developed simultaneously. Their brands are their websites. Polleni’s responsive, Brand System Websites are developed using modular, ultra fast, headless CMS technology - that a startup founder can control fully.

Once a startups brand system is designed, they can build their website from Polleni’s extensive module library to create a 100% unique and on-brand website. This forms the solid base of a website that can be iteratively improved as a startup grows. 

Polleni have solved the perennial startup problem. They can create a carefully considered brand for a startup solution, at a very reasonable price, while empowering them to take control of their website build within a flexible, user-friendly platform. All powered by the latest lighting-fast front-end technology. Something that doesn't exist anywhere else.

For more information on Polleni, high-res images of the team or project work please contact Cat How on or call 0117 942 4000. Read more about it here