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The evolution of Activation

Published on Wednesday, 5th June 2019, contributed by Activation

When we launched Activation, over 8 years ago, the marketing landscape was different, and ‘digital’ was still a relatively new thing.

Fast forward 8 years and you can't be just ‘digital’ anymore. Today, consumers shift and switch seamlessly between online and offline throughout the shopper journey, almost without noticing.

'You can't be just ‘digital’ anymore...'

The very essence of Activation has always been to use digital to drive consumers closer to purchase, but with the changing consumer and media landscape this has been taking us into broader areas of shopper and sales promotion, where digital joins the dots and amplifies the communication – so it’s not ‘just’ digital activation anymore.

Inevitably, this has changed how we work and, as a result, we have developed new skills and capabilities. So, we have redefined our offering around three core specialisms, still 'digitally centred' - but not just digital, where we activate at touch points from the channel right up to the shelf.

  • Brand marketing - Communications and campaigns that shift awareness and consideration, using our established and proven thinking and performance approach.
  • Shopper marketing - Engaging with shoppers on their shopper journey from out of home, and in home to near the store and in the store. We think, and act, from the channel to shelf.
  • Sales promotion - On pack and digital activations that directly drive sales – supported by our expertise in creating and managing sales promotions and our ProMotor platform

These individual specialisms can, and often do, work independently.  However, we believe – more passionately than ever – that consumer activations are most powerful when channels work together in a smart mix of ‘digitally centred’ brand marketing, shopper marketing and sales promotion to drive consumers closer to purchase.

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This shift in our positioning better reflects how we think and how our clients prefer to work. It also reflects how our ideas, campaigns and content connect with consumers in their everyday lives, every day.

We are Activation, from channel to shelf.