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Visualiser - New Talent in Your Business

Published on Monday, 13th May 2019

It’s widely established that having a diverse range of people in your business is imperative, and luckily for us, Bristol has precisely that diversity of background and knowledge – developing it is a key part of the Mayor’s strategy and the City Plan.

But making contact with a wider, emerging talent base is a tough task for a microbusiness. So Bristol Media is working in partnership with Babbasa, Ujima, Bristol City Council and Cirencester College to tackle the issue and start to build the connections between the best talent from the BAME community and our member companies.

Introducing Visualiser. A programme that will show a new way of creative working with a cohort of talented, diverse people who can benefit the industry –representing new audiences and supporting local and regional growth. 

So, what’s new…?

Visualiser is being delivered by an expert group who can support all the parties through defining opportunities, understanding talent and ambition, entering the workplace and learning both on-the-job and through training.

Using Apprenticeship Levy funding from Bristol City Council reduces the minimum cost to the business to around £10,000 for a year – making it a viable alternative to internships and work-experience. These are the lower limits, so if your Job Description merits a higher pay rate, then that would be expected.

The Apprenticeship is at Level 3, targeting both graduates as well as school-leavers, recognising that a lot of the learning will happen in the workplace.

For more information or to get involved with Visualiser, please contact:

Paul Appleby –

or Alli Nicholas –

The Milestones:

1. Visualiser requires company buy-in from managers and immediate colleagues. It should be part of the company strategy and carefully thought-through to enable a clear opportunity that can be delivered. The Bristol Media team can help with this if required.

2. The opportunity is developed into a junior level job description supported by Cirencester College, who are the key provider of creative apprenticeship schemes in Bristol with over 100 past apprentices working in the industry. This includes a benchmark salary – the £10,000 minimal cost guarantees Living Wage for the apprentice, but if the role has more responsibility, the salary should be higher. The Cirencester College template will be used to help form Job Descriptions, whilst the Council’s Onsite Apprentice Contract template is the basis for employment, which requires that the host has set up PAYE.

3. Equality of opportunity requires that the job description must be suitable for national display on the system, and will include input from both the host and Cirencester College as training provider. Crucially, it will also feed through the community connections of Ujima and Babbasa as they identify and develop individuals, drawing on Bristol Media and Cirencester College to guide industry need, working practice and learning styles for potential recruits.

4. The job description will be aligned with 3 established Level 3 apprenticeship standards:

  • Junior Content Producer – making video, audio and text content for a range of platforms
  • Digital Marketing – essentially, content distribution using text and AV, with analytics and CRM
  • Broadcast Production Assistant – scheduling & documenting production

5. Visualiser is a supportive programme, delivered through partnership, and with regular team meetings involving:

  • Bristol Media for industry-specific aspects including employer engagement and mentoring, promotion of the company.
  • Ujima and Babbasa for community & parent/carer engagement and support.
  • Bristol City Council for apprenticeship advice, and promotion within the City Plan.
  • Cirencester College provide 1 day’s training per week, plus coaching and review sessions for the apprentice, plus employer support and creative learning programme management.

Promotion of the apprentices will be developed sensitively, recognising that they are pathfinders for a new approach. The work of this team will enable employers to engage diverse recruits as unique workforce diversity ambassadors who can broker follow-up opportunities at the end of the programme.