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Graduate Plus from Moxie and Mettle

Published on Tuesday, 16th April 2019, contributed by Moxie and Mettle

We get loads of requests every year to help students and graduates find work experience or placements and we’d love to help more entry level candidates get some good experience so they can enter the world of work with skills and knowledge that clients are seeking. 

Candidates that fall within our Graduate Plus programme will have been interviewed by us, and their skills and experience discussed so you’ll be getting only the very best candidates sent to you. The idea is that we can then signpost these candidates to those of our clients who are looking for students or graduates to fulfil a work placement, and hopefully help more people get opportunities.

There are no fees payable for the signposting service at all, it’s a genuine wish for us to help more candidates find good placements to gain experience (terms apply for the employer if a candidate from the Graduate Plus programme is offered a permanent role with you after a work placement, at a discount of 50% from our usual recruitment fees)

Moxie and Mettle places marketing, PR, creative and digital professionals into both permanent and freelance roles; we’ve been working in these areas for just over 30 years, mostly in Bristol and the South West, so we’ve got a huge network of contacts and clients, as you may know.  We place at all levels into permanent and freelance roles, so this is an extension of the offer to help entry level candidates into work.

If you are interested in finding out more about how Moxie and Mettle Graduate Plus can help you find new talent as an employer, of if you are a student or graduate interested in joining the programme, please get in touch:


Phone: 0117 301 8222