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I'll Be Back South West - upcoming events

Published on Monday, 8th April 2019, contributed by a richard norton


Two upcoming I'll Be Back South West events for your learning and inspirational pleasure.

Don't know IBBSW? We help demystify AI and its ever-growing role in advertising and marketing.

We're about amazing talks from amazing speakers - we aim for 4 per event but often have 5 - all hosted by Norts and Kerry Harrison of Tiny Giant.

It's funny, fast-moving and never too bogged down in the code (though we do occasionally talk of GANs, Python and TensorFlow).

Grab your FREE tickets while you can. Knowledge, ideas, innovation and quality networking is what IBBSW is about.

Wednesday 8 May at the West Barn in Bradford-on-Avon (6pm start): GRAB YOUR BoA TICKET!

Tuesday 4 June at The Square Club in Bristol (6pm start): SNAFFLE YOUR BRISTOL TICKET!

And it's FREE like fresh air and summer songbirds. You know you want to be there. Get your tickets today.