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Glug Bristol Gets Risky - The Highlights

Published on Wednesday, 13th March 2019, contributed by Keri Hudson

Written by Paula Torres Moneu and Charli Tomney

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On Thursday 28th Feb, we reunited at The Square Club to kick off the Glug Bristol calendar year with an event focused on all things risk. Our speakers for the night were a mix of the risk-averse and risk-takers who were eager to share their professional and personal experiences with our eager crowd.  

As is becoming tradition, our friends at Microsoft Surface provided us with some pre-talk entertainment in the form of a fruity competition where Gluggers were encouraged to Avo’ go at drawing to win a berry special prize. 

Matt Golding, Founder & Creative Director at Rubber Republic

Matt Golding of Rubber Republic (the studio behind some of the more controversial viral ad campaigns) came with a risk-positive attitude. The first and boldest point Matt made was ‘NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR BOOK, FILM, BRAND!’ Ultimately, you need to make people care. How do you do that we hear you cry, well with 3 simple steps:

RISK: the risk of doing bad work is bigger than the risk of doing what you believe in. Don’t actively seek risks, but instead introduce an element of jeopardy in order to engage audiences by creating fun content that will stand out!

“Dull things are quite risky too. What’s the risk of doing something boring?”

HOPE: good work is possible if you can think of it, others are doing it, therefore you can do it.

“When you’ve got that really fun idea, suddenly everything looks different. It doesn’t feel like a risk, in fact, it looks like a risk not to do it.”

BELIEF: small teams of great people can achieve great things, great things work. Believe in your risks! As creatives, we must remember that we are 1. Well educated (usually to a degree level or higher), 2. We are part of a huge support system of other creatives, and 3. We are highly employable with our skills!

These 3 points have helped Rubber Republic create unique and engaging video content for a myriad of clients. So, take note and most importantly, ‘go forth and riskulate!’

Adam Babajee-Pycroft, Founder at Natural Interaction

Next up was Adam Babajee-Pycroft, who walked us through the way his UX design agency, Natural Interaction, leave nothing to chance. His agency has a methodical design-prototype-test cycle to eliminate risk. 

“We don’t want to have to compromise. We don’t want to have to choose the least-worst decision. This method allows us to do that, to make braver decisions by limiting the risk.”

Homogenous design has become a problem in the digital world and Adam was not afraid to address this, encouraging us to amplify our platforms without taking unnecessary risks. 

“If you play it safe, you’re probably going to get quite safe results as well. You’ve got to think about the potential benefit.‘

Using things like user research (an integral part to UX) gives you great results and quickly! Don’t become part of homogenous design, take what your competitors do and make it better! 

Rog How, Creative Director at Polleni

Usually risk-averse Rog How, creative agency Polleni’s founder, came full of tales of how his biggest ‘risks’ actually boosted his professional career and how ‘safer’ options hindered it. 

‘Risk is a made up construct in our minds, it’s a fear of the unknown.’

A sudden move to Australia (previously unchartered territory) left Rog and partner Cat strapped for cash and eating roasted vegetables daily until their risk paid off when he was hired to produce the Australian top 40 charts radio show, result! A move back to London several years later left them struggling more than ever. Time for another risky move, the couple then moved their family to Lisbon, Portugal where they now reside and run Polleni. 

Although the creative landscape isn’t as developed in this part of the world as it was back in Blighty, Rog explained how the lack of creative hubs had actually opened him up to so many more opportunities. He’s even in the process of launching Portugal’s very first Glug to encourage more creativity!  

His agency works to try and ‘eliminate risk’ by researching their client’s needs so there is no element of surprise. Instead, they work to encourage client’s out of their creative comfort zone as he believes a fixed idea with hinder you - we need to learn to be adaptable. 

With a room of Gluggers full of risk based knowledge there was only one way to end the night, by crowning our fruity victor. You can see the entries and our winner in the video below!