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Good idea Inc creates 'super power' film

Published on Monday, 11th March 2019, contributed by GOOD IDEA INC.

Good Idea Inc creates ‘super power’ film to launch new software product.

Steve Voller is the founder of Bristol based tech company Altuity and the creator of AltoSites, a clever bit of software for the asset maintenance and facility management market.

He wanted a video to help explain his product.

But didn’t want ‘another boring explainer video’.

He wanted it to have a ‘good idea’ in it. Which is where Good Idea Inc  stepped in.

To quote Steve himself…

As a relatively new software company, with a new product I felt we needed to stand out. Be different. I didn’t know how we would do that in a B2B tech sector though. 

Andy (aka Good Idea Inc) took the time to understand our business giving us the confidence to run with his ideas and quickly earned our trust.

He developed the concept and turned it into a high-quality video surpassing my expectations. 

Our audience has engaged with the video and this comment by a well-connected industry expert who shared it says it all: “I love this. Take a look it’s fabulous.” 

Steve understood the value of a good idea to cut through, stand out, get noticed and engage his audience.

You can see the result on the link below and judging by initial responses, the decision to go with it is paying off.