image for Spike Island launch new website by Atomic Smash

Spike Island launch new website by Atomic Smash

Published on Wednesday, 6th March 2019, contributed by Atomic Smash

Atomic Smash have just launched the new online platform for Spike Island. The initial brief was for a website that communicated Spike Island’s multifaceted nature, while also being robust, accessible and intuitive to benefit and inspire all of their online visitors. The new site is ‘mobile first’ in its approach, prioritising accessibility in utilising high contrast colours and a clear legible font.

Using WordPress & WooCommerce for the foundation of the website, Atomic Smash were able to totally customise the entire content adding process and have developed a flexible block based approach to allow the Spike Island team to create an array of templates / pages themselves without further development being required. 

The entire process from start to finish was incredibly collaborative with Atomic Smash and Spike Island working closely together. Spike Island have realised the value in continuously developing their website and will be working closely with Atomic Smash to continue pushing their website forwards through an on-going relationship.


  • Delve into the exhibition archives, featuring high quality image galleries and downloadable resources for many past and current exhibitions.
  • Get to know the community of artists and creative businesses.
  • Look out for playful elements such as scrolling banners and rotated text on rollover.
  • Shop for artists’ publications in our online shop and make a donation to support the work of Spike Island.
  • Find out about their production services, ranging from equipment hire to audio visual installation

You can read the full case study by Atomic Smash here