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Interested in B2B ecommerce?

Published on Tuesday, 19th February 2019, contributed by Strange

New white paper explores changes in B2B ecommerce and how to improve commercial performance

Strange has released a new white paper looking at the changing landscape of business to business (B2B) ecommerce. It collates key findings from recent studies and features a cross-section of companies involved in B2B ecommerce, along with the opinions of advisers and enablers in technology, exports and business. It also gives practical guidance on how to successfully transform B2B ecommerce strategies, especially relevant in light of BREXIT.

Entitled B2B Ecommerce – Navigating the Perfect Storm, the white paper looks behind four key factors that are now coming to the fore to create the perfect storm for companies in the B2B sector:

  1. Expectations for streamlined processes among purchasing teams
  2. The growing influence of millennials in purchasing decisions
  3. The expansion of online marketplaces, and
  4. The rate at which technologies are advancing and converging

Highlights from the consolidated research show that;

  • 89% of B2B purchasing research is now conducted online and 46% of is conducted by 18-34 year-olds
  • B2B players using advanced smart technology are 15% more profitable
  • Only 16% of B2B companies’ customer experience is on a par with best in B2C

Concluding with key points to consider for creating a road map to better ecommerce, the main recommendations look at ways to improve B2B ecommerce with speed and agility, with a focus on customer experience and how to build trust digitally.

Real-life case studies of B2B ecommerce experiences include a wine distributor, a clothing wholesaler, a leading photographic supplier, an international industrial group and a WiFi provider. The expert opinions are provided by specialists in technology, exporting and business growth.

The white paper is free to download at