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UX design = braver creativity

Published on Monday, 10th December 2018, contributed by Natural Interaction Ltd

UX design enables braver creativity

We love a healthy discussion here at Natural Interaction. Most weeks you’ll find us over on twitter joining in with #UXChat and often, most of the team can be spotted on LinkedIn discussing everything from UX terms to upcoming trends with our peers. Recently though, Adam spotted something on his LinkedIn which he fundamentally disagreed with.

Where to start?

No disrespect to Justin Meyers, author of the offending LinkedIn post (see it on our blog), but it’s clear that his understanding of UX and its benefits is limited. Over the last few years, with the rise in UX as a profession, we’ve seen a raft of ‘UX’ designers and ‘UXers’ pop up in companies and agencies all over the world. This may well be where the problem starts. By inserting the word ‘UX’ into the job title of every Tom, Dick and Harriet responsible for drawing wireframes, a company is not addressing the true value of UX design. It sounds to me, like these are the types of people Justin is coming across. Let me tell you now, they are not practising UX and I highly doubt they’re ever involving users.

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