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Meet Izzy, Bristol Media’s Junior Content Producer Apprentice

Published on Thursday, 29th November 2018

Hi, I’m Izzy Bryant. I’m the newest member of the Bristol Media team and over the next 12 months I’m going to be supporting Bristol Media’s events programme and member news through my apprenticeship. 

I’m looking forward to meeting Bristol Media members, learning about the creative industries and developing my skills across social media and content production.

Hope to see you at an event soon.

About Izzy’s Role 

Joining as a Junior Content Producer Apprentice, Izzy will be working with Alli, Lynda, Chris and the Board to develop her skills and take the first step of her career working within the creative industries sector. 

Part of a year-long apprenticeship programme that Bristol Media has committed to, Izzy will also be spending one day a week studying through Cirencester College’s Bristol training site. Cirencester College is the training provider behind the Junior Content Producer apprenticeship and already runs successful apprenticeship schemes with a number of Bristol Media members. Izzy will also be based at the offices of Bristol Media member AMBITIOUS, a move that means she can benefit from the support of an extended team.

Prior to her appointment, Izzy studied creative media and technology at SGS, where she gained practical experience video and photo editing. And, she has already started to build up a portfolio of short films, creating a promotional video for a client early this year.

Chris Thurling, Chair, Bristol Media, said: "Bristol Media's primary mission is to put our region on the map as a world-leading hub for creativity and innovation. With Izzy on board we have new skills and a fresh perspective that will help in our efforts to tell our stories and reach audiences across the UK and internationally. I'm delighted to welcome Izzy to the team and look forward to introducing her to our members over the coming months."