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Let them eat caike!

Published on Monday, 26th November 2018, contributed by a richard norton

It's a world first! It's an AI-taste sensation! It's happening on 6 December at McCann Bristol!

Three Bristol businesses - Tiny Giant, Sharpshooter Digital and Little House Kitchen - have joined forces to serve up the world's first AI-created cupcakes.

And you can enjoy them at I'll Be Back South West Go4 - The Christmas Party.

It's minds and machines working together to create AI-deliciousness! 

A neural-network trained with 000s of recipes has suggested the flavours and names. Leaving the humans to bake them.

Expect kookie concoctions and curious combos that will dazzle and delight. You'll be among the first in the world to try them. 

Besides the AI cupcakes, I'll Be Back South West Go4 will feature four inspiring speakers, plus nibbles and drinks to toast in the festive season. 

Has creativity, AI and advertising ever been so rewarding, informative and fun? 

You don't need to ask the machine to know the answer.

Be warned: there are not many tickets left. (And they're free.) So hurry, hurry!