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How to reprogram bad script in your brain

Published on Wednesday, 3rd October 2018, contributed by BuzzedUp

How to make the most of your 'supercomputer' brain

You are very good at what you do—but you could be better. There are parts of your thinking that can be reprogrammed. Your creativity, confidence and communication skills can become supercharged. 

Our brains are like a supercomputer and our ‘self-talk’ is the programme it will run. So if you tell yourself you’re not good at something, like ‘I’m not good at remembering names,’ for example, then you’re effectively programming yourself to do just that.

Act different. Be different

We very easily talk about what we have and don’t have - ‘I have a good imagination,’ or ‘I don’t have a good imagination,’ or ‘I’m a creative person,’ or ‘I’m not a very creative person.’ We have to ditch that notion of ‘having’ or ‘not having,’ in relation to these qualities and attributes. And we also have to do more than just simply ‘positively think’ our way to change. Unfortunately, we’re much more susceptible to a negative script than a positive one. Any actor, for example, will tell you they might have received plaudit upon plaudit, but it’s the negative comments that they can quote back to you in an instant.

So what is the next step? It’s about turning the noun into a verb. Let’s take creativity. Creativity is not something you HAVE, it’s something you DO. So how do you become more creative? By being more playful. And how do you become more playful? By playing.

Gaining control through play

So what is the benefit of not just simply reversing the script you tell yourself but turning it into something you do? You gain control over it. And that process will then turn into a strategy. In short, by practicing how to be playful, you will develop a strategy for being more creative, more imaginative and from that stems confidence and agility.

This post is by John Nicholson, Lead Coach at Business Improvers, the training organisation for managers and teams in high-performing creative businesses.