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Love Your Mentor

Published on Thursday, 27th September 2018, contributed by Six

Nurturing talent is fundamental to our business and we’re working hard to create the right environment where everyone can grow on a personal and professional level.

This year some of our team have been giving back and developing their own mentoring skills, passing on their wisdom and experience to others within the agency and outside to help share knowledge, nurture performance and often provide sound counsel on all kinds of challenges!

There’s no denying that breaking into the creative industry is still very much a challenge for many people from all walks of life. We’ve been asking ourselves how we can get closer to people with no or very little experience and who perhaps need a guiding hand on how to make that first step. We’ll be revealing more in the coming months on these plans but for now, head to our website for a heart-warming blog from Sophie, a Bristol University 3rd year Sociology Student, who has been mentored by our Planner Nicky.