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Think you need to rebrand?

Published on Thursday, 20th September 2018, contributed by Reach

Think it might be time to reconsider your brand identity? It’s a big step – but one that can deliver huge rewards if your reasoning and research is right. We recap on what to consider before updating or renewing your brand identity.

What’s in a brand?

The brand is the touchy-feely side of your product or service. It’s the part that creates the emotional connection with your consumer. The look of it is how your consumer recognises you and builds trust in your brand. As long as your brand identity stays the same, your consumer will assume that you continue to deliver the same quality standards, in the same way that they’ve come to expect.

What happens when you make a change?

If you choose to make a dramatic change to the look of your brand identity or packaging, you’ll potentially change consumers’ perceptions of your brand as a whole. You signal that something about your product or service has changed – it can be a great opportunity to make a more meaningful connection.  

So is it a good idea to change branding?

Absolutely. There are four situations where updating or renewing your brand identity can deliver real rewards:

Updating or refreshing:

  • 1. Your current brand identity is out of date with the marketplace

  • 2. It no longer represents your product or service

  • 3. It doesn’t appeal to your core target audience

Creating a new brand:

  • 4. You have a new product or service to launch that won’t work with your current branding

Reasons to update, renew or refresh

The unappealing brand

Your current identity might not be attracting the right sort of consumer. For example, your product might be very ethically sound, but your brand identity or name doesn’t appeal to a thoughtful millennial who would appreciate these values. This is also true of a brand that’s aged over time and become out of date within a marketplace. See how we made Encona relevant again.

The mismatched brand

Your product quality might not match the promise of your brand and packaging. So, perhaps your product is top quality, but your look isn’t premium. In this case, a change in branding will be great for you. A new, more premium look will appeal to new prospects, and reassure your loyal consumer – they were clever to be loyal to you in the first place and were ‘in on the secret’. See how we helped Rocombe achieve a 15% price premium.

When is it time to start from scratch? 

If you’re updating, the new identity you create should be a natural reflection of the brand you truly are. It should feel intuitive to your loyal consumer – a natural update of something that has become out of date. If you’ve changed your spots altogether, though, it’s likely that you’ll be better off creating a new brand entirely.

7 practical tips for rebrand success

Now you’ve decided to update your brand, how do you get the best out of the rebranding process? It’s all about doing your research. Though branding is a science – and it’s best to get a good agency to lead you through the process – visit our blog to read the full article and 7 steps to consider when you begin a rebrand project.