image for If you don't involve users, it's not bloody UX

If you don't involve users, it's not bloody UX

Published on Friday, 7th September 2018, contributed by Natural Interaction Ltd

Adam Babajee-Pycroft, MD at UX Agency Natural Interaction

User Experience (UX) means making better products and services by involving users in the design process. Sounds simple, but we’re always amazed by how often we come across businesses claiming to be doing ‘UX’ without a real live user insight. If you don’t involve users, it ain’t UX! (That’s what we shout when we see this. Inwardly.) But this isn’t a quibble about terminology. If users aren’t involved in your design process then you’re seriously weakening that process, and any research you are doing is potentially wasted.

These are the top four things we see companies doing because they think it’s somehow helping with their UX; but which aren’t UX at all.

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