image for Cannes in 15: Creativity conquers challenges   ***SOLD OUT***

Cannes in 15: Creativity conquers challenges ***SOLD OUT***

Published on Monday, 10th September 2018

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the flagship event for our industry, time and time again pulls out all the stops to remind us just where the bar is set for creative success. It’s rising, we all know that, and it’s becoming harder and harder to reach.

Join Ian Bates and Katie Tudor from Prophecy Unlimited as they take you on a tour of 15 of the finest pieces of work at Cannes this year. Some of the big hitters, and some that didn’t win the big accolades, but probably should have. Prepare to be inspired.

Where: Prophecy Unlimited, One Glass Wharf, Temple Quay, Bristol BS2 0EL

When: 27 September 2018 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Tickets are £5+VAT for members (£7.50+VAT for non-members) which includes a complimentary drink on arrival.  Booking via Eventbrite.