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Hiring, firing, and agency strategy, oh my!

Published on Monday, 3rd September 2018, contributed by OggaDoon

Founder of OggaDoon, Caroline Macdonald, shared her insights into her journey so far with two other communications company founders as part of the Agency Collective, and you can now watch the full video here.

Sharing the stage with Simon Barbato from Mr.B & Friends and Chris Gee from Rixxo, Caroline talked about the challenges of hiring the best staff from a limited pool of skilled people, developing a business strategy as the leader and founder of a company, and that all important question: how to get more business.

Managing your own business can be a lonely road, and even more so when so much of your time is spent digitally. By sharing her insights and expertise, Caroline is able to empower the next generation of leaders in communications, and give the unusual view of what it’s like managing your own agency.

Make sure that you watch the full video here: