image for Glug Bristol Returns on 13th Sept

Glug Bristol Returns on 13th Sept

Published on Monday, 3rd September 2018, contributed by Keri Hudson

Glug Bristol is back! On 13th September, we’ll be returning to Square Club for another inspiring evening filled with a bunch of fantastic speakers, a (very) well-stocked bar and tons of time for super laid-back networking. Tickets are just £3, and you can grab yours here.

The theme for this event is Stories. There’s no denying that storytelling and creativity go hand in hand, which is why this month’s edition will be wholly dedicated to exploring them: how we craft, retell, live and get inspired by them.

Jake Smith & Dan Grixti, co-founders of Tusko, will be sharing the incredible and compelling story of famous North Korean defector Yeonmi Park, who featured in their award-winning film 'While They Watched'. The story shows the depths of perseverance, the will to live and the ability of video to spread and share a story.

We’ll get insight into the life as a creative Strategy Director, as self-confessed brand addict Paul Bailey (We Launch) shows us how his life-long obsession with all things brand filters through to his award-winning work.

And if that wasn’t enough already, the co-founder of video production company JonesMillbank, Adam Millbank, will take us back to when we first started telling stories as a way to communicate, and how this engaging way to share and exchange information has helped us become the dominant species on earth.

Expect to discover how to unlock the power behind stories; to hear about how some of our local creatives are encouraging people to share theirs; learn how to give old tales a new lease of live, and find out how to re-tell stories from new perspectives to reach different audiences.